Publishing Industry Analysis: Tablets, Smartphones, Email, Ads

The latest publishing industry analysis from eMarketer includes data on several key sectors for digital magazines

Sometimes, you just need the numbers, right? When it comes to making decisions that could be the difference between flourishing or folding, data is a commodity. Device usage, performance metrics, ROI: Publishing industry analysis on these factors and others will determine the direction digital magazines take in the coming years – which themselves will be crucial in the digital media evolution.

Few sites can provide the data that eMarketer does day in and day out, all for free. To start the week, let’s see what they have to say about several areas of interest to publishers.

Tablet Statistics Show Strength, Especially in Western Europe

eMarketer’s Global Media Intelligence Report, a joint project with Starcom Mediavest Group, is out, and it provides some serious insight into goings on across Western Europe. And if you’re a multiplatform publisher thinking about dipping a toe into European expansion, the timing couldn’t be better.

“While the eurozone’s road to full economic prosperity looks somewhat rocky, Western Europe’s digital transformation continues apace. eMarketer estimates that 307.5 million residents will go online at least once per month this year—a 5.4 million gain over 2014. In several countries – including Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland – more than 84% of the population will regularly access the internet; across the entire region, the average will be 73.6%,” according to eMarketer.

“Tablets have also entered the mainstream, due to a 29.1% surge in the number of users in Western Europe last year. Tablet penetration among internet users across the region will average 53.2% in 2015. In three Western European nations—the Netherlands, Norway and the UK—more than 60% of web users will also use a tablet. In fact, eMarketer estimates that the UK will register the highest tablet penetration globally in 2015, at 63.8%.”

Meanwhile, according to IBM data, tablet sales comprised 12% of all U.S. retail ecommerce traffic, with the same share of sales, eMarketer reports.

For Phablets and Smartphones, Asia-Pacific Is the Place for You

Internet access is growing in Asia-Pacific, and so is smartphone and phablet use: eMarketer estimated that there will be more than 2.5 billion mobile phone users there in 2015, coming to 62.5% of the population, touching 70% by 2019. China by itself has 1 billion users. Smartphone adoption will surpass 40% in 2015 and total more than half of the population by 2019.

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Email Marketing Performing, Pushing Revenues

Email keeps cruising along under the radar as a steady source of revenue. eMarketer reports on the Relevancy Group’s recent findings on email: 23% of marketing executives say email marketing was responsible for more than 25% of their revenue. 42% responded that email sparked between 10% and 25% of revenue.

Canadian Display Ads Doing Wonders for Digital Media Publishers

With digital ad revenue up 15% in Canada in 2015, display ads are doing most of the heavy lifting.

“eMarketer estimates advertisers in Canada will spend C$4.36 billion on paid digital media this year, or 34.0% of total paid media spending in the country. Growth rates for digital will decline over the next few years, dropping into the single digits in 2017. But digital’s share of total media ad spending in Canada will continue to rise, reaching 41.7% by 2019,” the site writes.

“Much of that rise will be driven by mobile, which this year accounts for just 11.6% of total ad spending. By 2019, its share will reach 28.8%.”

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