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15 Reports About Digital Magazine Publishing You Should Bookmark

What your digital magazine competitors read when you’re not looking

We often hear about predictions for digital magazines; how they will grow, the revenue generation expected throughout the industry and the time frames associated with these numbers.

These predictions are important, as they help publishers better prepare for the future. What’s more interesting, however, is discovering how people who are already consuming digital magazines are enjoying their experiences.

Throughout the year we page through several favorite yearly magazine industry and digital publishing research reports. The results in these reports provide a glimpse into the future of digital magazine consumption, usage and other insights that will help you build a better digital magazine.

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If you’re looking to stay ahead of your competitors by following the digital magazine publishing trends like we do, here are some reports to keep your eyes on:

1. 2018 Mequoda Magazine Consumer Study

Published bi-annually, this study asks digital magazine subscribers and buyers how they engage with their magazine editions, which features they enjoy most, how much they’re willing to spend, and how publishers can get them to subscribe to more.

2. MPA’s Magazine Media 360°

The MPA describes “Magazine Media 360” as “a newly created industry metric that measures audiences across multiple platforms and formats to provide a comprehensive and accurate picture of consumer demand for magazine media brands.”

3. MPA’s Magazine Media 360 Social Media Report

Released quarterly, this report for the MPA gives specific metrics and trends in social media specifically for publishers. For example, almost 50% of magazines have their largest social audience on Facebook, whereas Twitter is in second place with less than half that number.

4. Alliance for Audited Media’s Magazine Snapshot 

Twice a year, the AAM releases a (paid member-only) report detailing the circulation numbers of every magazine that reports in. The resulting information tells publishers how sales and subscriptions are faring – including which magazines are increasing digital magazine subscriptions. That is, any who report their digital circulation numbers. This report is often reported on by the MPA and other industry news sources.

5. IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report

Every year, IAB releases this report on internet advertising. It includes data about Internet advertising revenue from web, email, online services and anyone who sells online advertising. According to IAB, “the results reported are considered the most accurate measurement of Internet/online advertising revenues since the data is compiled directly from information supplied by companies selling advertising online.”

6. Pew’s State of the News Media

Around the end of Q1 every year, an annual report by Pew describes describes their endeavor as “examining the landscape of American journalism.” It encompasses multiple reports covering revenue, digital reporting, acquisitions, media trends like digital video and more for the news industry.

7. CMI’s Content Marketing Report

The Content Marketing Institute releases benchmarks, budgets and trends in two separate annual reports – one for B2B companies and one for B2C. Although this isn’t publisher-specific, their insights apply to all industries.

8. HubSpot’s The State of Inbound

HubSpot says this annual report is “more than survey data,” but it really focuses on what online publishers are doing to drive traffic. Focuses are content, SEO and social media.

9. Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Michael Stelzner’s annual report focuses specifically on social media and the current trends that are launching brands forward or backward. You can see which platforms worthy of expanding into without needing to test them all out for yourself.

10. Moz Google Algorithm Change History

This HTML-based “report” is accessible all year long and is constantly updated with the latest Google Algorithm updates.

11. Google’s The Year In Search

If you want to know which topics and niches grew most during the year, Google’s “Year in Search” covers all of that.

12. Google’s Bad Ads Report

Again, not an official “report” but Google does make an annual “year in review” update detailing bad advertising practices on the web.

13. SEMPO’s State of Search Marketing Report

This all-inclusive report covers the state of search for both publishers and agencies.

14. eMarketer’s US Ad Spending Report

Every spring, eMarketer releases this report, including many other annual reports on mobile, video and other media.

15. AM&P Publishing Benchmark Study 

This annual report includes strategies for publishing effectiveness, along with content benchmarks and advertising trends.

Is there a report you wait to read every month, year, or quarter? Comment with why you look forward to it every year, we’d like to make this list even more comprehensive!

This article was originally published as a list of stats in 2011 and has been updated to add more resources.

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6 thoughts on “15 Reports About Digital Magazine Publishing You Should Bookmark

  1. Laurie Lacey says:


    Interesting article. The “stats” certainly tend to verify a move to the digital format. I’m not surprised that 48% of people reported reading fewer copies of print magazines.

    I’m a freelance writer and I’m wondering whether anyone knows where I can find information on how digital magazine publishing had effected the freelance writing market? I’m especially interested in knowing whether digital (solely) publications generally have the same scale for articles, as print magazines? To date, I haven’t found any ststs on this, for either Canada or the United States.


  2. Laurie Lacey says:

    Sorry for the typos in my previous post

    I meant to say that I’m looking for information on how digital magazine publishing has effected the freelance writing market? I’m especially interested in knowing whether digital publications are paying freelance writers at a rate comparable to what print magazines pay for articles?


  3. I am interested in any information available about the number of people who download digital magazines/editions for later reading? As a content producer and marketer what I think about customers who have made the choice to read a digital publication are interested in the content but perhaps not interested enough to download the publication for later reading. Is there any data on this next step in reader engagement?

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