Repurposing Content Emerges as Crucial NYT Strategy

Thousands of recipes see the light of day as Times embraces repurposing content; plus, Epicurious, Bon Appétit add their own flavor

Repurposing content is a core tenet of the Mequoda Method, but we can’t take credit for inventing the tactic. Rather, any publishers worth their salt – whether print or digital – have always run some variation on this theme. Why? Because it rewards your best work, saves you from excess work, gives you a ton of versatility, and will make you money while you sleep.

We found a few recent articles from one of our favorite industry sources that cover the repurposing content renaissance – they involve food, always a ripe topic for evergreen posts. Also, AOL’s new focus.

NYT Cooking App Perfects Repurposing Content

Though The New York Times launched the NYT Cooking app in 2014, the industry only now seems to be catching on to its true benefits. A recent AdWeek interview with Food Editor Sam Sifton discussed how the app – which digitizes tens of thousands of recipes – is helping to secure the paper’s future.

“I have always believed that service is at the heart of what newspapers do. In the old days when newspapers had no websites, everything came from the newspaper,” Sifton told Katie Richards.

“I believe we are coming back to that now, and tools like Cooking, the website and app we’ve built to go along with our food coverage provide real service to our readers. We believe that is one way that we can keep ourselves alive and indeed thrive.”

Epicurious, Bon Appétit Partner With Popcart

Meanwhile, Epicurious and Bon Appétit (both of Condé Nast) are repurposing content – in conjunction with digital service Popcart – to make their own recipes “shoppable.”

When the feature goes live later this month, those recipes’ ingredients will be available to buy via desktop, tablet, and mobile sites, AdWeek reports, with Fresh Direct, Peapod, and Roche Brothers furnishing e-commerce fulfillment stateside and Sainsbury’s doing the same across the Atlantic.


AOL Goes Full Mobile and Social

A month after it was acquired by Verizon, AOL has shown the world what it’s all about: mobile and social.

AdWeek reports that the online publishing pioneer has revamped its site based on the strength of its video growth and mobile visits – up 94% and 80% respectively. Multiplatform, aka cross-device, visits have surged by 21%.

“We’re doing a better job of publishing video across social platforms – there are plenty of people who aren’t going to AOL as part of their daily routine. They may see some of our video content in their social stream, and then they find themselves in the AOL environment. It’s almost like finding people through the side doors,” President Maureen Sullivan told Lauren Johnson.

“Some of those platforms [like Periscope] are really cool, but they need curation in front of it. We’re more of a TV network than I think we are a website. We’re putting the native content on the same footing as all the programming on the page. If [marketers] are going to invest in creating native content with a publisher, they want to make sure there is visibility to it.”

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To read more about repurposing content in the news, visit AdWeek.


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