5 Key Consumer Stats for Your Tablet Publishing Plans

Interested in tablet publishing? Take note of these international usage trends

As part of a smartly executed multiplatform strategy, tablet publishing is a profitable enterprise built on cross-device content practices, good design principles, and making sense out of industry trends.

Recently, eMarketer posted a spate of consumer statistics from tablet study after tablet study. Let’s take a look at five of them.

Worldwide Tablet Use to Touch 1 Billion …

Even though eMarketer‘s projection was actually 1.06 billion users for 2015, this is still good news for companies in tablet publishing, because the big number represents growth (19%) that will continue through at least 2019, when tablet users statistics are expected to hit 1.51 billion.

And Half of Them Live in Asia …

Asia-Pacific is home to nearly 500 million tablet users, and half of those live in China, where owners are predicted to number 276.5 million, showing 22% growth, eMarketer reports.

China is now running neck and neck with the United States, and will exceed it in 2016. According to eMarketer, 40% of Internet users in China own a tablet. Only Australia in the Asia-Pacific region can boast more connected tablet users, at 59.5%.

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While Another 90 Million Are in Latin America …

It might be minor league stuff to the likes of China and the U.S., but emerging economic power Latin America’s tablet statistics are still noteworthy.

eMarketer expects the tablet population in Latin America to increase by 26.1% this year and predicts double-digit growth will continue through 2017. Argentina and Brazil are currently growing their tablet audiences slightly more slowly than the regional average, while Mexico will just beat it this year, with growth of 26.5%. But growth is also expected to slow more quickly in Mexico than elsewhere in the region,” according to the site.

“Brazil, the largest country in the region in terms of overall population, has the greatest share of tablet users throughout eMarketer’s forecast period. This year, more than one in three tablet users in Latin America will be in Brazil — a statistic that will continue through at least 2019.

“But Brazil isn’t in first place when it comes to penetration. In Mexico, 35.2% of internet users will use a tablet this year, nearly 5 percentage points higher than in Brazil and 12.5 points higher than in Argentina, which lags the regional average significantly. As a share of the total population, Mexico also boasts the highest penetration, with Brazil and Argentina trailing, but by smaller margins.”

The Majority of Canadian Internet Users Have Access to Tablets …

In Canada, 15.1 million Internet users, or more than half, use a tablet. This is up 10.5% from 2014, eMarketer reports. In terms of overall use, Canada rings in at a respectable 42% in terms of monthly usage.

And Half of the Total Population of Finland Does

We’ll “Finnish” this post by relaying the news that 44% of the population in Finland owns a tablet as of February of 2015, which is up 19% over the course of two years. The core demographic here? Thirty-five- to 49-year-olds who make more than $66,348 (U.S.) annually, eMarketer says.

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