The 9 Essential Steps of a Successful B2B SEO Campaign

How to build your email list by getting inbound links to your landing pages

An SEO campaign generally starts with a free product. Free products lined up with a keyword-packed landing page plus some self-generated inbound links are your best bets at getting your free product downloaded and your email list growing.

The greatest thing about launching an effective SEO campaign is that, if done right, it can generate traffic for an indefinite amount of time, rather than for just a surge of traffic you might get from a blog reference or Twitter re-tweet.

1. Create a Free Report or Product.

Free products can be easily created by releasing your archives and recycling content. You might bundle together related blog posts and turn them into a special report, or you could work backwards and create the product that will then be turned into several blog posts.

2. Create a Rapid Conversion Landing Page.

The Rapid Conversion Landing Page (RCLP) initiates an online relationship. It always requests an email address from the user in exchange for permission to send additional offers. You may also know it as a squeeze page or a name capture page. In order for your RCLP to be effective, it should target specific keyword phrases that you’d like to be found in Google with. The keywords should be in the page title, description, headline and littered throughout the landing page copy, including the button text.

3. Create a Website Post.

Create a blog post on your website separate from your RCLP that informs your current subscribers about the new product that you are giving away. Your RSS subscribers who may not already be on your email list will see this blog post. This also gives you extra social media fodder to push out.

4. Create an Email Newsletter.

Even though the free product is technically to build your subscriber list, you should always show it off to your existing subscribers first as a courtesy. To get an extra bang for your buck, make sure to encourage subscribers to forward the email to their colleagues.

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5. Distribute a Press Release.

A great way to get immediate inbound links is to distribute a press release each and every time you launch a new product. Your press release should link back to the RCLP and by doing this you will generate multiple inbound links to the page, which also tells Google that other sites appreciate the content on this page.

6. Tweet About it.

Once you’ve gotten your product up, optimized and distributed, it’s time to tell your social networks about the product. Make sure you add tracking codes to your links so that you knew where your new email subscribers came from.

7. Distribute to your Contacts on LinkedIn.

Update your status with a link to the new product. You can add the link in response to forums and otherwise add it into any crevice that LinkedIn allows. When you update your status and groups, your network will see your promotional efforts.

8. Distribute it to your B2C Social Networks too.

If you were launching a B2C campaign, you’d also distribute on Facebook. In fact, if you have a Facebook Fan Page, you should post it there to. Really, you should post it anywhere that has traction.,, are all extra social networks you can add it to. It’s very unlikely to become the top link on any of these networks, since it’s a promotional effort, but it will generate inbound links in any case.

9. Reach out to bloggers.

Contact bloggers and any partners you think might link back to you. Try compiling your own list of link hotspots. Don’t partner with those spammers who will contact you for a link-exchange. Or if you do, make sure to check out their website and find some kind of reference of legitimacy. Google will dock you points if they think you’re exchanging links with a “link farm”.

Do you have any other tips for our readers to add to this list? Leave them in the comments!


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