Worldwide Publishing Offers Attractive Opportunities for Digital Magazines

Why monitoring worldwide publishing markets is worth it for multi-platform publishing companies; plus, which ads are best for recall?

Worldwide publishing represents a daunting proposition for digital magazines: Audience development and digital advertising is tough enough domestically, and it’s called the World Wide Web for a reason, so why invest resources in opening up international markets already occupied by homegrown media companies? Why hire native speakers or translators to serve up content to readers in Latin America or the Netherlands?

Because there’s plenty to go around as device usage continues to climb and advertising demand proliferates.

eMarketer delivers the data that makes worldwide publishing a more compelling option for stateside digital magazines. Let’s take a look some of their recent articles.

Tablet Penetration Is on the Rise in Western Europe …

Tablet statistics are looking good in Western Europe, eMarketer reports: The tablet population will grow by 11% this year, and 40% of owners will be using them monthly.

“Looking ahead to the rest of the forecast period, eMarketer expects healthy growth in all Western European markets, though tablet penetration—by any measure—will remain higher in the northern part of the region than in the south. Within four years, more than 40 million new users will get the tablet habit, pushing the regional total past 205 million. And the UK is expected to maintain its top rank in terms of numbers, with more than 40 million regular tablet users in 2019.”

… Especially in the Netherlands

The Netherlands now sees 80% of Internet users 13 or older owning a smartphone, eMarketer reports based on a study from GfK. In addition, more people own a tablet than do a desktop computer. Among Internet users, 65% own a tablet, while 60% own a desktop. This is big news for multi-platform publishing companies looking to diversify their interests.

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Meanwhile, Latin America Has Emerged as a Leading Digital Advertising Market

But if you’re really looking to make a splash, Latin America is showing skyrocketing advertising space. According to research from Magna Global reported on by eMarketer, media ad spending growth is highest in Latin American countries, growing nearly 10% in 2015.
“Looking forward, Latin America is the only region worldwide in which double-digit growth rates for total media ad spending will continue through the end of our forecast period (2019). Such heated growth will bring total regional spend to $65.54 billion in 2019, but it will not result in any ranking changes, given that Latin America’s higher growth in this metric comes from a significantly smaller base than the more advanced markets in North America, Asia-Pacific and Western Europe.”

Wherever Worldwide Publishing Might Take You, What Kind of Ad Works?

The million-dollar question, literally. Well, the answer, according to Undertone and Ipsos Connected and reported by eMarketer, is full-screen interactive ads, which consistently edged standard and Rising Star ads by considerable margins when it comes to consumer recall. This trend holds true on smartphones and tablets. Do you have web design in place to support full-screen interactive ads?

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To read more about worldwide publishing trends in the news, visit eMarketer.


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