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Tag: landing page

A landing page is any web page that an Internet user can enter a website through. Landing pages are optimized to attract specific audience members.

Landing Page Guidelines Ad

Discover guidelines for landing page design that maximize email conversion rates when you download our FREE Rapid Conversion Landing Page Optimization Guidelines white paper.

How to Break an SEO Keyword Phrase Copywriting Logjam

SEO copywriting tips on beating mental blocks

SEO Copywriting Workshop

This informative webinar on SEO copywriting reveals the SEO copywriting secrets and SEO copywriting tips of top online SEO copywriting experts.

Week In Review: April 5th, 2010 – April, 9th 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

SEO Copywriting – It’s a Matter of Practice

Tips on SEO Copywriting from Peter Schaible at the Mequoda Summit in Napa Valley

What Copywriters Can Learn from Uncle Wally and Oprah

Online copywriting secret: Rapport precedes influence

Week In Review: March 29th, 2010 – April, 2nd 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

A Mequoda Classic on Rapid Conversion Landing Pages

Discover the formula for turning website visitors into loyal, paying customers

Does adding links and nav buttons cause Landing Page leakage?


Does adding links and navigation buttons cause Landing Page leakage?  I’m reading a “post-click” industry expert’s blog post about how to improve your landing pages and one suggestion is that adding links to other stuff causes leakage.  Is this true enough to be a rule?  Or does the other stuff help convince people to convert?



Week In Review: March 22nd, 2010 – March 26th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

Catch Up On These Popular White Papers

Five Free White Papers You May Have Missed

Copywriting Challenge: Breaking the Trance and Appealing to the Reader’s Self-Interest

The prisoner, the rat and the desperate sales letter

Unexpected Places to Find Copywriting Inspiration

A reliable trick gets me through a mental dry spell

Why does “storytelling” sell so well in copy?


Why does “storytelling” sell so well in copy?


Storytelling enables the copywriter to paint inspiring word pictures, but fog the details.

Storytelling gives the reader permission to suspend his disbelief. It enables the human brain to process information subliminally to resolve any conflicts between reason and emotion.

Write a heroic story, weave it into your rapid conversion landing

For letter landing pages, which font and type size is best?


For letter landing pages, which font and type size is best?  What kind of testing have you guys seen in this area?  Serif?  Sans Serif?


Arial for fonts above 12, sometimes for 11. Verdana for fonts 11 and under.
On marketing items for OFIE’s, salesletters etc, we will use Arial but sometimes for a short large headlines

Profit by Creating Landing Pages That Really Convert

Anna Talerico creates a software platform that helps internet marketers increase their landing page conversion rates

WordPress for Content Marketers, Producers & Publishers

Convert a Content Management System into a state-of-the-art Content Marketing System without spending a dime on software.

Copywriting Lessons from the Olympic Games

Heroic stories used to sell products: Go World!

Gain Website Visibility With Google Keyword Tool Basics

Learn the successful methods behind keyword research

Free Report: Google Keyword Tool Basics

Learn how to build your keyword universe and conduct keyword research with the Google Keyword Tool

Learn How To Create Sales Letter Landing Pages That Sell

Free Landing Page Handbook Released

SEO Campaign Management Basics

Free report that teaches you how to increase your website’s visibility

Turning a Passion into Profit with an Indian Cuisine Blog

Praveen Kumar shares his culture through food at

Praveen Kumar started out as a web designer in 2000 and then moved in to SEO in 2004. After which, he worked with some of the top dot-com companies in India. Kumar had always wanted to be a chef but since that didn’t happen, he turned her passion for good food into a website where he could share delicious Indian recipes with everyone at

Kumar also enjoys writing poetry, and began writing online at It doesn’t end there, as he also owns a dot-com company providing SEO services and design consulting while trying to be a full-time entrepreneur.

4 Parts to an All-Encompassing PR & Link Building Campaign

This webinar will teach you all the PR and link building tips you’ll need

3 Web Pages for a Well-Designed Site

Components you should have within your periodical website hub

Where Are You Driving Your Traffic?

Point visitors to a landing page that’ll benefit you

Google’s Real-Time Search: How it Will Affect Your SEO

Google is rolling out Real-Time Search, which means it’s time to put your game face on if you want to stay at the top of your search engine rankings

New Dual Track Program for Mequoda Summit – Napa Valley 2010 April 6-9th

Registration for the Mequoda Summit opens today – select your interactive program sessions with ease

Online Content Management: Strategies for Email Newsletter Disaggregation

Four tips and two rules leading to a more useful way of distributing your information through email

Landing Pages that Work: What Needs to be Tested

8 essentials to consider while designing your landing page

Mequoda’s “Creating and Selling Information Products” Kit – Download now!

Four FREE white papers for creating and selling better information products

Landing Page Optimization Book Review: Landing Page Handbook by MarketingSherpa

Due to limited time or budget, the landing page is often given the least priority in a marketing campaign.

Some marketers feel that a great external campaign is more important than a good landing page. Our research has found the opposite to be true. Even a great campaign needs the correct conversion architecture, landing page design is key.

Landing Page Book Review: Honest Seduction by Scott Brinker

You’ll find this book an easy and informative read. Basically, this is a compilation of the ION blog posts and articles over a period of two and a half years. Here’s a great take away from Honest Seduction: Using Post-Click Marketing to Turn Landing Pages into Game Changers.

A Mequoda Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Learn the latest techniques of SEO campaign management in this SEO video training program or surrender website performance and publishing profits to your competitors.

Landing Page Book Review: Landing Page Optimization Handbook by Invesp Consulting

Before you can start building your landing page, you must define exactly what you want your visitors to do. The goal, or conversion objective, of your landing page should completely drive the development of the page.

To identify the conversion objective, ask yourself, “What do I want visitors to do when they see my landing page?”

Do You Want A Few Thousand New Email Subscribers This Month Too?

To Free or Not to Free? Ask Mrs. Fields What She Thinks About Freemiums

Your website is your chance at delivering a powerful first impression. If you’ve been playing your cards right, you have landing pages set up that are driving traffic into your website that offer something for free.

The reason why we stand so strongly behind “the power of free” is because simply… it works.

Download our FREE Landing Page Design Best Practices & Optimization Kit!

Four free white papers that will kick your landing page design and optimization skills into high gear!

What Everyone Ought to Know About SEO Campaign Management

Invest 90 minutes and learn exactly how to conduct an effective SEO campaign, backed up by one full year of additional online Q&A support.

Little-Known Ways to Get 100% Google Visibility for Your Landing Pages

Here are a few methods that are getting online publishers at 100% Google visibility by targeting niche terms with smaller search volume

Two New Webinars You Can Watch Today – SEO & Digital Event Marketing

Get up to date with SEO and digital event best oractices when you subscribe to Mequoda Pro today

SEO Campaign Management Webinar tomorrow!

A higher website ranking and conversion rate are virtually guaranteed when you learn the secrets of using free reports to build email circulation.

Everything You Missed at the Mequoda Summit (Well, Almost Everything)

This week we’ve been at the Mequoda Summit in Boston, and covering it live just for you!

Notes & Quotes from Mequoda Summit Boston 2009 – Google Analytics for Publishers

12 things every copywriter, editor and audience development manager can learn using Google Analytics
Nicholas opened this session by diving into the Google Analytics dashboard of our own Mequoda Daily and gave the audience 12 things that you want to track when using Google Analytics:

Most Popular Content
Page Views for Specific Post
Page Views for Specific Topic
Top Referring

Notes & Quotes from Mequoda Summit Boston 2009: Landing Page Optimization

“Testing is a no-brainer”, says Bob Brady of Business & Legal Resources

Notes & Quotes from Mequoda Summit Boston 2009: SEO Campaign Management

Danielle Werbick tells publishers how she creates and deploys SEO campaigns for

Notes & Quotes from Mequoda Summit Boston 2009: Website Conversion Architecture

One take-away from this in-depth session on landing pages and website conversion architecture, were all the different types of ads and placements that publishers can place on their site
“Email Conversion Rate (ECR) is a direct driver of email circulation,” said Don Nicholas, explaining the importance of collecting email addresses from multiple places on your website.

Notes & Quotes from Mequoda Summit Boston 2009: Keyword Research & Targeting

Kim Mateus of Mequoda Group shows attendees how to write a rapid conversion landing page for free reports
Kim Mateus, Senior Partner here at the Mequoda Group led this session on keyword research and how to create landing pages using that keyword research.

Here are the steps that Mateus gave for writing a landing page that supports

Create Rapid Conversion Landing Pages that Maximize Email Conversion Rates

The Rapid Conversion Landing Page Optimization Guidelines special report is full of landing page optimization tips including a step-by-step formula for developing landing pages with free products that convert casual website visitors into loyal email subscribers and paying customers.

The Mequoda Group reviewed over 100 rapid conversion landing pages to discover the best practices. Learn how to capitalize on the power of a free-on-free offer and how to research and pick the topic for your free report.

SEO Campaign Management Training: 4 Days Left to Save!

The low risk, high reward route to SEO campaign mastery using free reports to build email circulation
This week is the last week that you can join us on October 14th at 12:30 EDT for a 90-minute webinar on SEO Campaign Management at the low rate of just $197. Next week, the price will raise

Home Landing Page

The home landing page is the first page someone sees when they type in your website address. The home landing page should tell the visitor exactly what you want them to do and how it will benefit them.

If your main goal is to get them to sign up for an email newsletter, the most important