Digital Media Evolution Charted by JEGI

Media + tech + marketing firm’s latest conference & briefing outline digital media evolution – & publishers are paying attention

The Jordan Edmiston Group Inc. hosted its 11th annual Media & Technology Conference for upward of 400 executives in January, focusing programs on the “The Convergence of Data, Marketing & Commerce.” Speakers covered the digital media evolution, from multiplatform strategy to thinking like a marketer, mobile trends to legal trends.

Like any good content creator, JEGI repurposed and parlayed the event into another product: Their “Client Briefin,” aka email newsletter. Let’s take a look at some of the firm’s key takeaways.

Reaching Customers in a Multi-Device World

JEGI Co-President Tolman Gefs, Nielsen U.S. Media President Lynda Clarizio, Experian Consumer Insights & Targeting Rick Erwin, AOL Platforms CEO Bob Lord, and Signal CEO Mike Sands participated in a roundtable about one of our favorite topics: tracking down cross-device consumers.

The panel covered Google’s and Facebook’s “walled gardens” that aren’t helping to solve conversion challenges, the capacity of television ads to link identity and purchase history, and the acquisitions of companies like Datalogix that help brands target audience.

Thinking Like a Marketer

“The CMO and CEO are championing a higher level of engagement for digital efforts. According to Gartner, the top technology investments over the next five years are in digital marketing, e-commerce and customer experience management, which is much different than five years ago,” eBay Enterprise President Craig Hayman says in JEGI’s Client Briefing.

“There are at least 720 different combinations in the customer journey – all the different ways that a customer can enter and exit a commerce experience leading to a purchase. Brands are trying to understand which of those scenarios is going to generate the best return. Many times it is not a clear-cut answer, so currently marketing budgets are highly fragmented to cover all the different touch points.

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“It’s important to focus on customer acquisition, but even more important to focus on optimizing revenue from existing customers. Brands need to intersect with customers throughout their purchasing journey and continue to help them find the personalized items they want.”

Mobile Insights and Event Revenue

Gefs discusses why 87% of mobile device time is spent on apps, according to Flurry, and why Google and Facebook account for 55% of mobile advertising. How publishers and marketers address these issues will determine whether they can be among the boats lifted with the rising tide of mobile.

Meanwhile events are on the rise, as well. The industry is at $280 billion, with more than half in event execution, Scott Peters says.

Legal Trends

According to Morgan Lewis Managing Partner Charles Engros, emerging legal trends in the digital media evolution include mobile app privacy regulation, data security compliance, and breach responses.

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