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Tag: multi

New Digiday Focuses on Streamlined Audience Development

Digiday has reimagined how it operates within its industry, and how its new design can impact audience development efforts
Digiday has recently unveiled its new website, which has been the first redesign for the company since July 2013. The new site is focused on connecting with the industry and offering audience development methods through reorganized content   Continue

Subject Line Spam Trigger Words

In 2015, email subject lines are just one part of the email delivery equation. Emails are delivered to inboxes based on subject lines, content, and reputation. In some cases, engagement is even applied to this filter.

The Best Digital Magazine Subscription Website Offer

While many magazine publishers struggle to find the right subscription marketing strategy, The Economist demonstrates its regard for long-term subscriber relationships.

The simplest subscription website pricing strategy is Universal Access and The Economist uses it well.

I’ve spent hours, and several hundred dollars, buying digital magazines. I’ve bounced around between my iPad, Kindle Fire, and the World Wide Web. I purchased from Condé Nast, Hearst, Rodale, and The Economist.   Continue

Mobile Choices Explored in SIPA Webinar – to be continued

Know What You Want at the Outset

During SIPA’s free-for-members Webinar last week—titled Going Mobile for Publishers: Developing a Content-Delivery System for an Increasingly Portable World (and now posted on our Website!)—Andy Swindler and Joanne Valentino waxed technologically about the realities of going mobile. Swindler and his Astek team have worked with Valentino’s group, The Medical Letter, to format their publications for mobile. The fact that this was a true case study made it invaluable. Swindler will be following up and answering further questions on mobile during SIPA’s weekly Wednesday TwitterChat, taking place at noon (Eastern time) tomorrow. To participate, just log onto your preferred Twitter client and search for the hashtag #NicheInfo. Just make sure you include the hashtag in your tweets as well so others can see their conversation! (We use   Continue

Landing Page Testing & Optimization


Should I do A/B Testing or Multivariate Testing?


Start with A/B testing to test your most basic design elements and copy. Optimize your page, and then segment it into multivariate tests once you find a winner in your A/B tests.


Is It Time to Pay Attention to Mobile?

From the holiday season and beyond, mobile retailing is growing in popularity

Shoppers are expected to be using their mobile devices for holiday purchases this season.

For Internet marketers, this could be a great opportunity to see how the influx of shoppers will receive your apps for mobile devices.   Continue

Three Email Newsletter Templates & Best Practices

How Mono Topic, Multi Topic and Promo Email Newsletter Templates are used in online publishing   Continue