The Holistic Approach to Digital Publishing

The Internet Marketing Intensive is characterized by the comprehension of its parts

The Internet Marketing Intensive is a holistic program. It’s designed to take all things digital, and put them in the context of your overall digital publishing strategy. This program isn’t a tactics course; it’s a strategy program.

If you must meet the needs of current digital marketing and publishing best practices…

If you don’t recognize all the online business opportunities you have…

The Internet Marketing Intensive is the program you must attend.

We originally designed this program for CEOs trying to sort through all the digital clutter, looking for a comprehensive, organic strategy that covers all bases.

During this program we teach business plan development, analytics management, profitable website design, subscription marketing strategy, expert email copywriting, and audience development techniques.

Then we go past each session and teach you how to leverage them together – because a comprehensive strategy is what you need for success.

If you’re running a publishing business, it’s imperative you devise an integrated approach to your digital strategy. Without it, you’ll fail to meet the opportunities in front of you. Is failure an option?

Interactive Programs at Intensive

The Internet Marketing Intensive will be three full days of interactive workshops, lively discussions and in-depth best practice sessions.

During your hands-on learning experience you will:

  • Outline an SEO blogging campaign
  • Identify the important keyword phrases for a live case study
  • Optimize headlines and lead paragraphs
  • Create social media posts for Facebook and Twitter

Hot Topic Q&A Discussions

There are so many exciting new insights, so much detailed information, coming at you during the Intensive, that many of you come up with new questions long after each individual session is over. If you’ve slept on it and have burning questions for your instructors, bring ’em to the Q&A sessions on Wednesday and Thursday mornings! We’ll give you our best solutions and share our secrets.

Internet Marketing Intensive


Seven Secrets of Successful Internet Marketing

Using Content to Sell Content

29 Ways to Increase Organic Website Traffic

Keyword Research Step by Step

Marketing Website Design: Maximizing Traffic, Revenue and Profit

Selling Digital Subscriptions: How to Plan, Execute and Analyze a Subscription Marketing Campaign

Breakthrough Email Copywriting

Creating Insanely Great Online Content

Understanding Google Analytics and Key Metrics

Business Plan Development: Making the Case for your Digital Marketing System

How to Conduct a Digital Publishing Audit

Networking Opportunities

At the Internet Marketing Intensive you’ll have the rare opportunity to step back from your day-to-day responsibilities and spend time with an elite group of industry peers. You’ll learn from each other while forging new relationships and industry contacts. Many attendees tell us that the connections alone more than justify the cost of attending.

We recommend you make the most of the networking opportunities we’ve built into the program.

At the Internet Marketing Intensive you’ll discover how America’s top publishers are successfully making the transition to digital.

New Opportunities Await You Online!

To discover the complete package for online marketing and publishing success, join us for Internet Marketing Intensive — the only event where attendance is strictly limited to 42 for the most intimate, one-on-one instruction — presented at the McGraw-Hill Conference Center in New York City, Jan. 28-30.


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