3 Reasons to Use Content Marketing in 2011

Are you citing these three reasons for engaging in content marketing?

The end of the year often signals a time of desired change in people. For those of us operating an online business, the New Year’s resolution should be to implement a content marketing strategy, or reevaluate your current one.

As this musing is typed, the ground in New England is being covered with snow flurries.

I, like the rest of Mequoda Group, am gearing up for our Mequoda Summit West 2011. The Internet marketing conference will be held April 5 – 8, 2011 in beautiful San Ramon, CA. We are expecting sunny skies and warm temperatures – the complete opposite of today’s weather.

As content marketing will be the main theme of the Mequoda Summit West 2011, all attendees will be equipped with the knowledge of how to thrive and succeed in this increasing digital landscape.

Some online publishers and Internet marketers, however, have yet to start their pursuit of content marketing strategies.

For those who fit this category, three reasons are outlined below as to why content marketing has become as popular as it has. And for the record, the Meltwater Group’s Future of Content report (PDF) shows that 78 percent of marketers surveyed believe content is the key to successful organizations.

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3 reasons for adopting a content marketing strategy

Reason for Content Marketing #1 – Dissatisfaction with traditional marketing: The same old deceptive, interruptive marketing practices have been used for decades. The only difference in some cases is that the mediums have changed from print, to radio and television, and beyond.

Content marketing is a cure for deceitful and obtrusive marketing for two reasons. First, the user knows what he or she is getting into by sampling a portion of the content before being expected to pay. Second, content marketers produce and spread their content through multiple channels online and do so in a way where interested Internet users can find the content for themselves. In this instance, the content is not forced upon the searchers; instead, the content is seen by only those who seek it.

Furthermore, Internet-based content marketing is much easier to track statistically than other forms of marketing. This makes SEO campaigns, social media marketing and online PR much more tangible for content marketers.

Reason for Content Marketing #2 – Organically promoting while building content: The more content you produce, create pages for and optimize for search engines, the better your organic marketing activities will be. In a time when the economy is suffering, it’s good to know that Internet marketing can be done for free, requiring only an effective strategy, time, and effort.

Reason for Content Marketing #3 – Importance of outreach for businesses: Transparency is a word often used while discussing the Internet, and society, these days. Content marketing, along with social media, can make companies more transparent and show the depth of their knowledge on specific topics. If you strive to be a thought leader in your market, creating content that shows your expertise is the best way to go.

As you can see, there is a lot of value in using content marketing as your main Internet marketing strategy. For the most up-to-date practices for content marketing, join us in San Ramon for the Mequoda Summit West 2011 where dozens of speakers will give their first-hand accounts of operating successful online publishing businesses.


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