Options for Publishing on Social Media Keep Expanding

The latest news for digital magazines publishing on social media: Instagram, Line, Facebook, and more

If you’re publishing on social media – and if you’re not, contact us immediately for a free 30-minute conversation, things just got real! – you know that the goal posts keep getting moved, albeit in a (mostly) good way. Just when you think you have things figured out, somebody comes up with another networking and sharing concept that could add another layer to your content distribution strategy.

Sure, this means more learning curves and probably more work, but it’s worth it if provides multiplatform publishers with more options and maximizes audience development opportunities.

And it does. Digiday has recent coverage on Instagram’s next step, a Japanese messaging app’s appeal, and how a Conde property is refining its activity on Facebook and other channels.

Instagram Stories Compelling for Those Publishing on Social Media

The latest shiny object in social media strategy has quickly caught on with digital publishing companies, Digiday reports.

“Well, that didn’t take long. Not three days after Instagram debuted Stories, a very Snapchatty feature that allows users to share slideshows of images and video independently of their profiles, publishers of every stripe have pounced on the opportunity to show off some more off-beat storytelling sensibilities. There was a time when stodgy publishers would wait out new social doodads to see if they were mere fads. Those days are over,” Lucinda Southern and Max Willens write.

For instance, British Vogue “has been posting short Stories each day, providing office tours and behind-the-scenes looks at fashion shoots. Posts related to the next issue usually do well, and similarly on Instagram they’re getting ‘tens thousands of views within hours,’ said editor Lucy Hutchings. ‘We have found that views initially appear to be higher for Stories than those on video posts and exceed the average number of likes we see on a photo post.'”

Time Inc. Toes the Line, Amassing 125K Followers in One Week

The “Time Inc.-everywhere” strategy developed under CEO Joe Ripp since the legacy publisher’s spinoff from Time Warner in 2014 has most recently taken it to Japanese messaging app Line, where its finding success on par with other digital publishers, Digiday reports.

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“Messaging is the new social network. Like other publishers, Time magazine is getting on board, sharing articles on Japanese messaging app Line. Time has been using Line to send out a story or two a day, all in English. Followers can also get news on a specific topic by messaging words to Time including science, entertainment and tech,” Lucia Moses writes.

“Line has been a testbed for experimentation by other publishers such as The Economist, which has used it to share its weekly print cover and the BBC, animated videos. Publishers like Time are drawn to Line for its personalization features and services it offers beyond communication, like bill payment and taxi services. For Time, with more than a third of its web traffic coming from overseas, it’s a way to deepen its awareness with international audiences without heavy investment.”

Glamour UK Gets Big Boost by Publishing on Social Media

One major Conde Nast property is seeing big gains due to its efforts publishing on social media, Digiday reports.

“Glamour UK, the Condé Nast women’s lifestyle title, has grown its social media following by half a million since February to reach over 8 million across platforms. This number is made up of its 3.3 million Facebook fans, other social media accounts and internal Google Analytics of its web traffic,” Southern writes.

“[Publisher Jamie] Jouning pins much of the growth in its following on Facebook Live, which the publisher has been experimenting with from the beginning of the year, creating nine videos in June alone. June was a good month; data from Tubular Labs shows that during this month Glamour UK’s Facebook videos had over 8 million views, in April this was just 2.2 million, and in May 1 million,” Southern writes.

Are you publishing on social media? Where have you found the most success? Share your experiences in the comments!

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