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The latest digital news for video publishers looking to gain an industry edge

If you’re considering joining the ranks of video publishers, the time to jump in is now.

The multimedia piece of the multiplatform content puzzle is still experiencing growing pains, and experimentation still rules the day. In other words, you have a margin of error, and you’ll be figuring out the ins and outs at the same time the legacies are. You can still float trial balloons on the cheap – online video distribution is not yet cost-prohibitive, and, for that matter, neither is production.

The biggest and best digital magazines – and most aspiring video publishers, period – are still struggling with and sorting out monetizing video content, viewability issues, and even the technology itself. Marketers and brands right along with them. So, if you are, too, you’re in good company!

Digiday is staying on top of industry trends for video publishers as well as any site out there. Let’s take a look at several of their recent articles on the subject.

The Challenges of Monetizing Video Content

As we mentioned above, and as you probably well know, the challenges of monetizing video content are vast and varied. Digiday’s Lucia Moses wrote a great piece that found her rounding up some commentary from video publishers who are doing their best to unleash video’s massive potential. What’s getting in their way? Well, it depends on whom you ask.

“The biggest problem is, pre-roll is one of the biggest reasons people are installing ad blockers. So we’re cutting off our nose to spite our face,” according to Washington Post Senior Director of Ad Innovation Jeff Burkett.

“Advertisers just aren’t adjusting their creative to the format. We think the user experience is super important. So after 15 seconds, we’ve started letting them skip the ad.”

Other responses? Getting platform-specific and quality content from advertisers, using content that originated on TV, and more.

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How Vogue Used Social Media Publishing Tools to Boost FW Coverage

Making social media work for you – bending it to your content will – is key, especially for video publishers. We like what Vogue did during Fashion Week, leveraging the social media influence of YouTubers, aka vloggers, each of who has three times the number of subscribers as the legendary Condé Nast title, as Digiday reports. Highly recommended article for those video publishers looking to expand their tactics.

Bleacher Report’s Big Publisher Video Numbers

Bleacher Report’s 100-person video team is cranking out upward of 800 videos a month, attracting 35 million uniques in that span and drawing 100 million video views at the same time, Digiday reports. How are they doing it? By staying true to their audience while still experimenting with content, format, and distribution.

Is the ‘Built-If-Sold’ Model Setting Video Publishers Back?

What is the “Built-If-Sold” model and why is jeopardizing the revenue of some video publishers? Digiday’s Sahil Patel asked some executives.

“If you’re a brand, and on the other side of the table someone is saying how amazing [this show] is going to be, but they’re not doing it unless you pay for it, it certainly undermines your pitch. If you don’t have confidence in your programming to make an investment in it, why should we?” Defy Media President Keith Richman told Digiday.

“If a brand got involved, the number of creative minds and bosses increased materially, and you ended up more often with a version of what you hoped to go live with. … The only reason we even did the NewFronts [this year] was to make that point.”

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