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How’s business for online magazine advertising these days? Let’s find out from publishers from the likes of Mic and marketers from the likes of Squarespace!

Online magazine advertising is growing exponentially, especially on mobile, but there’s much to be sorted out before it can truly serve as a cornerstone revenue generator for all digital publishers. Ad blocking programs, ad viewability issues, and cross-device targeting pose problems for many publishers.

On the flip side, even all of the options and advertising methods available to digital magazines can be daunting. We can help with that by providing case studies and best practices.

And AdExchanger can help by filling us in on industry news and trends. Let’s take a look at what they have this week!

As Goes Your Tech, So Goes Your Mobile Advertising

Mastering rapidly evolving mobile technology and partnering with the right vendors is as key to mobile advertising success as quality content. AdExchanger reports on “A Journey Into Mobile Monetization,” a recent study from 614 Group that checks in on publishers’ choices.

“Since mobile is so complex, publishers must think about a slew of factors at the very beginning, when they are formulating their mobile strategy. The critical elements to consider include the user experience, advertising experience and, in particular, tech partners, according to Rob Rasko, CEO and founder of 614 Group,” Sarah Sluis writes.

“Although monetizing on mobile web is a tad more flexible than apps, both face many challenges. The vendors profiled by Rasko had different capabilities around viewability, the types of rich media and creative they could support and how they could target and use data. Add in the fact that mobile devices broadcast different details about users and the complications publishers face multiply.”

Mic CEO on Online Magazine Advertising Future

Meanwhile, Mic is in prime position to cash in across the board with their desirable audience of Millennials, and CEO Chris Altchek wants to take online magazine advertising to the next level, AdExchanger reports.

“We haven’t done banner ads or programmatic. We want high-quality, elegant advertising that works. It’s not interruptive, it’s beautiful. We do branded video and branded articles and we have a hero unit, which is our take on what magazine advertising should be on the web. The exciting piece is that we have the scale to do it. Because we’re reaching so many people, brands are willing and eager to do custom advertising,” Altchek told Sluis.

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Squarespace and the Guardian Partner on Sponsored Content

Squarespace is joining powers with Guardian Labs to produce a 39-part series called “Side Hustle,” an ambitious native advertising project launching soon and running though the first quarter of 2016, AdExchanger reports.

“The biggest challenge to doing branded content well is authenticity and credibility. … We’ve been using ad distribution technology and flipping it on its head and using it for content distribution,” Squarespace Vice President of Media and Acquisition Chris Paul told Sluis.

“We definitely take a portfolio approach to the different marketing channels. Some we expect to be very efficient and have a high ROI because they’re close to making a decision, but in many other cases [like this branded content initiative], we’re doing more to raise awareness – not only of who we are as a brand, but what people are doing with us. … As a marketer, it’s just as important to align your brand with the right topic area as it is to align with the publisher’s voice.”

How’s your online magazine advertising performing? Let us know if you can share any tips in the comments!

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