29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic: An Audience Development Checklist

Dear Publishing Colleague,

Do you experience an excessive amount of traffic on a daily basis? Does this traffic lead to registered members and daily product sales?

If so, congratulations – it appears your promotional efforts have properly served your online business.

However, if you honestly feel your traffic could be higher, then we have a solution for you. In fact, we have over two-dozen solutions for you that may fall directly into line with the activities and expectations of your core audience.

Before diving into the content found in our 29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic webinar, consider the methods you currently use to gain website traffic. Are you utilizing social media, press release distribution and bloggers? Is your email strategy as complete as possible and does it follow a strict template for each campaign? Have you attempted to use other products to stimulate website traffic?

We have taught publishers to use these methods and watched their success grow. Interweave, the popular arts and crafts publisher, doubled their net email list with search engine optimization strategies alone. Think about what these 29 methods for increasing website traffic can do for your company…the potential is endless.

The best part about this 90-minute program is that you’ll leave with a checklist of 29 ways to build website traffic. You can keep all of this information on your desk, refer to it at will and get on a path to more traffic, more conversions and most importantly, more revenue.


5 Primary Traffic Driving Source Types

For a taste of what you’ll experience during our 29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic webinar, each way is outlined below. The webinar goes into each type in more depth and outlines specific strategies for driving website traffic with these methods.

1. Search Engines

  • Homepage Template: The proper homepage template will communicate your brand’s main focuses while offering free downloads, content and aligned products.
  • Article Templates: Every article on your website should be used to do two things. First, it must utilize targeted keywords. Second, it must be used to convert casual visitors into subscribing members or paying customers.
  • Rapid Conversion Landing Pages (RCLPs): A key piece of conversion architecture that allows visitors to enter into low-risk relationships with content producers. Also known as a squeeze page, the RCLP develops mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Author Pages: Often overlooked, these valuable pages showcase the talent and credibility of your staff while creating more opportunities to incorporate search engine optimized content.
  • Topic Pages: As a primary navigation component that houses all the content on a specific category, topic pages are typically highly trafficked web pages.
  • Tag Pages: Are you creating tag pages for your content? If not, you’re missing out of SEO opportunities and the ability to organize content.

All online publishers, editors and content producers need to understand the power of search engines. Watch our 29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic webinar and discover six in-depth ways to use search engines to drive traffic.


2. Direct Traffic

  • Newsletters: A comprehensive compilation of content and promotional material that serves your audience while creating a sustainable product for your publication. Learn how to embed messaging and/or strike partnerships to support traffic back to your site from newsletters
  • Books: Compiling your knowledge, adding additional content and selling it as one-off products helps generate more revenue for publishers. In turn, you can use book readership to drive online traffic.
  • Magazines: Whether digital or print, magazines offer an ownership of content that readers have enjoyed for decades. Give readers a tangible reason to visit your website for more robust information.
  • Television: Instructional content is more desirable when it can be consumed with visual components. Some publishers are lucky to have their own TV shows, which drive tons of traffic to their sites. For other publishers, a more creative approach to get on TV may be required.
  • Radio: In today’s digital landscape, radio content is desirable for auditory learners and people on the go who possess mobile or tablet devices. Learn how to use radio shows, either your own branded shows or other people’s programs, to drive traffic to your site.
  • Live Events: The highest fidelity comes during live events as face-to-face interaction can take place between businesses and clients. They are also a great way to encourage traffic and engagement on your website.
  • Packaged Goods: Any product you offer can have additional promotions listed on the object’s packaging.
  • Podcasts: Audio or video pieces, which can be offered for a price or free of charge, bring a more personal connection between the content creator and the listening audience. Learn how to tap into a whole new audience using podcasts to drive website traffic.

If you want to learn more about these options for increasing direct traffic, get our 29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic webinar today.


3. Referring Sites

  • Twitter: The popular micropublishing site helps connect with new audience members and can be a tremendous source for driving traffic and boosting SEO.
  • LinkedIn: A social network especially for B2B endeavors, LinkedIn can be utilized in a number of ways to show credibility, promote your content and drive traffic back to your site.
  • Facebook: Facebook “Likes” are now valuable for your site’s ranking in Google, similar to the function of inbound links. Discover the uses for this social network.
  • YouTube: In technical terms, YouTube is one of the most successful search engines around. Discover how to use this avenue to promote your content in video form.
  • Press Release Sites: A great way to pick up new audience members is to create a press release for free and paid press release distribution websites. Discover tricks for getting your press releases in Google’s News section.
  • Portals: Designed to syndicate content, portals can be specifically used for SEO, email marketing and lead generation.
  • Bloggers: Making connections are a great way of getting your content seen by new audiences. Do you know how to develop relationships with bloggers and to encourage more blog-oriented content on your own site?

View our 29 Ways to Drive Website Traffic webinar and learn how to use other websites to establish more connections and increase website traffic.


4. Email

  • Single Article: A well-designed article will properly inform, engage and provide the opportunity for the audience to act.
  • Article Summary: A summary is made to be alluring so that audience members click on content and learn about aligned products.
  • Product Review: Are you providing the information that is worthwhile to potential buyers? Discover how you should be communicating your products to potential buyers and encouraging clicks back to order pages.
  • Sales Letter: Long-form, description sales letters are still very successful in selling products, both free and paid. Learn the characteristics that direct-response copywriters have been utilizing for decades to sell more products.
  • Circulation Builder: Giving away free products is a great way to audience. What can you be doing to get more people to spread the word about your content and brand? We have some suggestions for you within this 90-minute program.

For detailed descriptions of each of these email types, including all relevant components, sign up right now to view our 29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic webinar.


5. Paid Media

  • Paid Search (CPC): Discover the best time to use paid search to drive website traffic, especially if your budget is modest.
  • Affiliates (CPA): Discover a process for selling more products that will interest similar companies.
  • Banner Advertising: Images can be successful in engaging users and creating clicks to learn more about products, but might a text-based banner ad generate more clicks? Discover techniques and sizes that work the best for banner advertising.

If you want to incorporate paid media into your online strategy, watch our 29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic and learn the best techniques for success with paid media.


29 ways from a knowledgeable source

Don Nicholas, the Executive Director of Mequoda Group, will be the featured speaker of this 90-minute program.

Nicholas has guided the media strategy for hundreds of companies in content development, information product design, marketing, economics, mergers, acquisitions and organizational development over the past 30 years.

As Mequoda Group’s leading expert on Internet media strategy, Nicholas and the Mequoda team have helped design, launch and optimize dozens of America’s most successful Internet marketing systems including Consumer Reports; Corporate Wellness Advisor; Daily Word; Golf Vacation Insider; HR Daily Advisor; Johns Hopkins Health Alerts; Knitting Daily; Morningstar; Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School; RCR Wireless; Tech Republic; TSI Network and Vida y Salud.

Stop wasting time on traffic-driving strategies that haven’t worked. Diversify your online online media strategy by utilizing the 29 ways Don Nicholas will outline for your in this 90-minute program.

You will leave the webinar with an actionable checklist that can be used immediately to help increase your website traffic.

This program has aired live at Mequoda Summits to rave reviews. Join the exclusive group of online publishers, editors and marketers who have used these 29 ways to build website traffic, experience more conversions and generate more revenue.

I look forward to having you benefit from the webinar.


Kim Mateus

Educational Services Director

Mequoda Group

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