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Tag: trends

A Surprising Promotional Email Template That Builds Email Circulation

If there’s one thing that Mequoda folks have in common, it’s a powerful promotional email template that we call the circulation-builder, or circ-builder.

As a publisher, you might assume that this email template is created to strengthen your print circulation, but it’s not.

The circ-builder was developed to boost your email circulation through word of mouth while retaining your loyal email subscribers. You promote a freemium, which offers substance to your email subscribers, and in return, they forward it along to their colleagues and friends. The recipients of that forward will arrive at the landing page for your freemium, and if all goes well, they’ll sign up for the freemium and your email list.

10 Fastest Growing Mequoda Websites of 2013

Each year, as the Mequoda team gets together with our Gold Members at our annual Mequoda Gold Member Summit, there’s a bit of magic in the air, it feels like a family reunion. And like a family, we get together to share with each other all of the great things we’ve made happen over the past 365 days.

Video is Heating Up as a Hot Digital Publishing Trend

Video and film have become a hot digital publishing trend this summer.

The New York Times is reporting that Time is dipping it’s toe into the documentary film industry. Christine Haughney reports, “ Time has decided to venture into documentary films and recently started a new unit called Red Border Films, named after the magazine’s red border. The division will produce one 10-minute film a month and two longer, more ambitious projects each year. While some of these projects will tie in to articles in the magazine, other videos will stand alone.”

The Digital Gap Remains For Most Publications

The latest PPA figures are out. So how did digital magazines fare? The Guardian has all the details. Ami Sedghi writes, “At first glance some of the figures look very promising. Monthly title, BBC History, has recorded an astonishing 693% rise in digital circulation on the year and fashion bible, Vogue, has seen theirs jump up by just over 463%.” But it turns out that when compared to their print circulation, digital editions are a tiny portion of overall circulation. Sedghi adds:

Non-Traditional Partnerships Become a Hot Digital Publishing Trend

Non-traditional partnerships have really become a hot digital publishing trend in the last month. These sort of retail-food-publishing partnerships are one of the hottest new digital publishing trends. Oh, and electronic cigarettes, Playboy covered those too.

Alerts Increase Open Rates, Tech Blogs = Trade Pubs and Time Inc’s New CEO

MarketingpProfs has new research dedicated to the most effective words in email subject lines. In the study, performed by British marketing firm Adestra, “Emails with the word “alert” in their subject lines have a 38.1% higher than average open rate and 61.8% higher click rate”.

Mequoda Weekly: June 24 – 28th, 2013

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Savvy Email Segmentation Wins at New York Magazine

New York magazine has become one of our favorites around here. And not just because their iPad app is one of the more innovative ones we’ve seen, but also because we keep watching them innovate.

Lately we’ve been analyzing the email calendars of our favorite magazine brands to discover any trends in consistency timing and promotional efforts. We decided to do New York this week because they have a robust editorial calendar, and until I started this case study, I didn’t realize just how robust, or how smart.

NYTimes Introduces Metered System to Mobile Users This Week

On June 27th, The New York Times will implement the same metered system it uses on the web to its mobile users. The metered system allows non-subscribers access to three articles per day, but if the reader wishes to read more than three, they will be asked to subscribe. For now, video will remain free, but content will be limited.

Prime Publishing Grows 46% by Mastering Cross-Pollination

A 2011-12 growth rate in website visitors of 46% … overall revenues up 50% every year (and solely dependent on advertising) … it’s a dream life for Prime Publishing and its 14 crafting and cooking sites.

It’s also well deserved, because operations there are so button-down with Best Practices that nothing is left to chance or guesswork.

Prime President Stuart Hochwert, a publishing veteran, created Prime from scratch starting in 2008. He’s also a Mequoda top operator, having won two Rocket Awards in 2012 for website visitor growth, including the top spot.

10 Content Marketing Mistakes That Get Mequoda Editors Fired

To put this post together, we banged together the heads of everyone on the Mequoda team to consolidate some of the mishaps that have occurred with our clients. There have been some truly talented print editors that were either let go, or left by themselves because they couldn’t weather the print to digital transitions. Ones that refused to SEO their content and wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in content that had to be re-optimized later.

30 Go-To Email Copywriting Tips [+ Video]

There are a few places you can make really good, or really bad first and last impressions in your email copywriting. Get these right and you’ll build loyalty from the start and get those subscribers to stay with you longer.

Can Digital Publishing Solve Your Revenue Problems? I Say YES.

Mequoda’s only purpose in life is to prevent any other publishing company from going out of business, ever. That’s why we offer our decades of experience, proven best practices and user-friendly Mequoda Method for digital publishing success in our three-day Internet Marketing Intensive, the definitive training course in publishing and marketing content online.

Disavowing Bad Links: The Good, the Bad & the Useless

Can disavowing links really help your site?

Do you remember when JCPenny found out the hard way that it’s a really bad idea to hire an SEO company who buys backlinks to boost rankings? Do you think JCPenny believes it was worth getting banned from Google indefinitely for the quick boost in traffic they got? Probably not.

Google hates cheating, and that includes link farms. A link farm is any site that’s meant to create inbound links for your site, even if it includes writing full-length articles to do it. In fact, that’s the most popular strategy behind link farms, and why Google cited the popular and well-ranked EzineArticles as a link farm not too long ago. Lots of publishers used EZineArticles back in the day to write articles that drove traffic back to their sites, and thankfully sites like these are working hard to clean up their rep for everyone’s sake.

How to Increase Online Publishing Revenues … Exponentially

Gutenberg is dead. And you will be, too, if you don’t make the transition now to meet the public’s growing demand for digital information.

Fortunately, there is one resource, one unique program that can change the way you, your staff and your entire organization think of the Internet and help you catch up to the future. Mequoda’s Internet Marketing Intensive has guided some of the oldest and most respected publishing companies in the world including Meredith, Rodale, Interweave and more, in growing a single-digit percentage of their revenue from online sources to earning 20%, 30%, 40% of their revenues digitally. And because the demand for digital products is growing exponentially, so will their revenues.

Will yours?

My Top 12 Articles of 2012

I want to usher in 2013 by sharing some of my top articles from this past year. Each of these articles received a favorable amount of social interaction, so in case you missed them, here are my top 12 articles of 2012.

Week in Review: December 10th, 2012 – December 14th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Digital Content Marketing Trends for 2013

Digital content marketing drives surge in digital product sales for publishers

While many organizations have discovered the power of digital content marketing to sell products and services, perhaps no organizations are being impacted like the publishers of books, magazines, newsletters and videos.

Planning on Quitting Your Day Job?

Are you planning on a new start in the always-changing digital environment?

Developing an online business can lead you to financial independence through a growing medium. It can also lead to many headaches amid complete failure.

Are you prepared to start an online venture? Do you have the skills needed to stay relevant in Internet marketing and online business management for the foreseeable future? We’re in a time of great change and immense possibilities; big opportunities can spell success or downfall, and it’s all dependent on your Internet marketing knowledge and skills.

An Internet Marketing Winner: ONLY at the Audience Development Summit 2012

Who’s the biggest audience development success of the year in the Mequoda family – and how did they do it?

Of more than 60 Mequoda systems, one publishing website has achieved higher traffic growth than all the others in the past 12 months. For the fourth time, Mequoda will honor that digital publisher with its Rocket Award at the Audience Development Summit 2012. And then comes the fun stuff: You’ll find out exactly how they did it!

Audience Development Summit 2012 just keeps getting better

Updated speakers, topics and roundtables for the Audience Development Summit 2012 – come on down!

No event is ever perfect, but we’re trying our best to achieve that for the upcoming Audience Development Summit 2012, Oct. 23-25 in New York City! We’ve added some amazing new speakers and uncovered great new information to share with our audience. Best of all, we’ve responded to popular demand, and all our sessions will now be interactive roundtables, allowing attendees to not only hear what our media marketing gurus have to say, but to follow up with questions of their own as well.

The Top 9 Reasons to Register now for the Audience Development Summit 2012

Join the dozens of attendees who have already registered for the Mequoda Audience Development Summit 2012

The Audience Development Summit 2012 will be a unique experience shared by dozens of knowledgeable professionals.

There has never been a better lineup, as CEOs, publishers, and marketers prepare to give presentations on how they’ve managed their digital success.

Digital media & the future: Meet digital publishing superstars

A rare opportunity to learn from the best in digital publishing

Many publishers of digital media will spend their entire careers and never meet the stars of their industry, let alone learn their secrets. This is your chance to avoid that fate. Mequoda’s Audience Development Summit 2012 delivers two of these stars, and if you’re there, you’ll learn digital publishing solutions to all your problems.

3 Digital Marketing Trends

Additions for your digital marketing strategy that you can implement and test quickly

Digital marketing trends can be quite broad. Digital marketers and digital publishers are looking at a digital marketing strategy in a more complex and comprehensive manner. The goal is to create a digital experience that is connected with the rest of your marketing activities, and addresses all of the digital marketing trends that are relevant to your brand and audience.

New Data on Mobile Email Marketing

Could you be building your email list easier?

It’s exciting to get new data on email marketing, specifically when it relates to mobile devices. The world of mobile has emerged so quickly that many digital marketers haven’t quite figured out how to strategically approach it.

Earlier this month I cited a few statistics on consumer email trends. These stats came from a survey conducted by The Relevancy Group in May 2012, consisting of about 400 respondents.

Week in Review: August 13th, 2012 – August 17th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

How Consumers Feel about Marketing Emails

Insight on consumer email trends

There are many analysts and consultants who aren’t able to share all of the email marketing data that they have. Some of this information needs to remain in-house for competitive reasons. Fortunately there are other times when consumer data can be shared with the online community… this is one of those times.

Week in Review: August 6th, 2012 – August 10th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Online Editor Job Available

Online Editor Job Available – Diversified Business Communications.

5 Tablet Publishing Trends

In 90-minutes, discover what’s important to publishers in an evolutionary market…

Use TweetCharts to Discover More About Your Niche

There are too many social media tools for any one community manager to keep up with. Try Googling the word “unfollow” and you’ll find dozens of apps with the sole purpose of letting you know when people unfollow you, or help you automatically unfollow those who do. For every other marketing function, there are dozens more apps.

Improving Content and SEO

Need more ideas for better SEO? Search Engine Watch is a great place for endless amounts of info on all of your SEO needs. From tips on creating better content to latest news on everything SEO, Search Engine Watch is the place to be. Below are a few articles from them on different aspects of SEO. If your looking for improvements but not sure what you need to improve, scroll around search engine watch and I’m sure they will have something that will catch your eye.

10 Social Media Tricks You Can Use to Boost Visibility Today

Social media engineering is more than the art of scheduling tweets, navigating Pinterest and getting more Facebook clicks. Actually, it’s the roadmap to those strategies that make us informed engineers.

Digital Magazine Publishing Growth Through Devices, Strategies

More people paying attention is part of the reason why digital magazine publishing is growing

The second quarter of 2012 has been impressive for tablet sales. Worldwide sales nearly topped 25 million, up 67% since the same time period last year. Apple’s iPad was the main tablet sold, as 17 million devices were sold during the quarter. Now, Apple has 68.3% of the global tablet market share, according to Strategy Analytics. This is the company’s strongest showing since the third quarter of 2010.

Audience Development Needs to Focus on Tablets

Audience development is perhaps the most important skill digital publishers need to understand

Publishers are making great strides to get their digital magazine publishing up to par by offering single issues and digital subscriptions. And although this is a positive direction to go in, they may be missing some of the most crucial parts of their digital strategy.

Website Analytic News from CMS Wire

Today we are focusing on multiple blog posts from CMS Wire relating to website analytics. CMS Wire is a great site that focuses on website analytics news and is the place to be for up-to-date website analytics information. They have tons of new, fresh content on ways to improve analytics and lots of new info on social media analytic news.

A Few Seats Remain – Last Chance to Register for Digital Publishing Bootcamp

The Digital Publishing Bootcamp will kick off in New York City next Tuesday, July 17. If you already have your seats reserved, you’re probably preparing questions to ask during the three-day program.

Inducing Traffic Through Better Web Design

When you’re designing a website one of the main objectives should be inducing traffic. No matter what the content of your website is, if you don’t create traffic its not going to be very successful. Not only do you want to create traffic, but also you want your users to stay for a while, rather

Digital Publishing Bootcamp News – Early Bird Pricing Expires Tomorrow

A lot can be said for in-person events. You not only get the direct insight from the event leader, you get to hear questions asked by other individuals in attendance. Asking your own questions of the group, and meeting people within your industry provide an invaluable experience.

While sifting through some testimonials from our Mequoda Summit East 2012, I noticed that sentiment being stated quite often. In wanting to see what attendees enjoy the most about live events (ours in particular), I’ve come to recognize a few things:

The Attitudes of Tablet Users

What activities are tablet users engaging in?

A new survey from the Online Publishers Association (OPA) entitled “A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User – Wave II” uncovers a variety of trends and behaviors associated with tablet users.

Do you know from your own surveys what activities are most popular with tablet crowds? According to OPA, 94 percent – the largest percentage of respondents – said they use their device to find content and information. Accessing the Internet came next (67%) and checking email followed closely behind (66%).

Spanfeller to Address Bootcamp Graduates: Sell-Out Expected

With only one week to save and 12 seats left, Mequoda announces digital publishing luminary Jim Spanfeller as Bootcamp commencement speaker

Being a premier digital publishing event requires serious attention. Beyond polishing our content and preparing the most compelling up-to-date information, we’ve decided to bring another experienced publisher along for the ride.

Understanding All Aspects of Digital Publishing

From the seven pillars to publishing digital magazines and streamlining digital asset workflows, the three-day Digital Publishing Bootcamp covers all areas related to digital publishing success.

The time to register is here, as seats quickly fill up and we get closer to the end of early bird prices.

For the digital publishing professional seeking insight on the changing times, the following sessions at the Digital Publishing Bootcamp will provide you with the latest strategies for maximizing success in the digital realm.

Learning How to Publish Through Multiple Devices

According to Forrester, 760 million tablets will be in use worldwide by 2016. Yet many publishers do not have a tablet publishing strategy in place.

How can legacy publishers succeed in digital magazine publishing, or use eBooks as an additional revenue stream if they do not have the big picture figured out? There isn’t a lot of time to waste because the current evolution is happening quickly. New changes take place weekly; do you know which require attention and which should be ignored?

Creating a Business Plan for a Growth Market

Three elements to communicate to potential investors

When developing an online business, the market you choose is important. Although the services you offer, and the methods for generating revenue may change, being part of a growth market is crucial.

There has been a rocky road for those of us who love books, magazines, and newsletters. Five years ago, very few wanted to invest in magazines. Now, however, equity bankers are looking at publishing as a growth industry. This hasn’t been the case in easily a decade. Some might argue three or four decades.

What to Know About Protecting Your Content

The nuts and bolts of protecting your content

SIPA’s quarterly Memorandums From Counsel are written by the highly esteemed law firm of Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz, L.L.P., specifically for SIPA. With a new one due to come out shortly, let’s quickly review the Winter 2012 issue (titled The Nuts and Bolts of Protecting Your Content)—in case you missed it. These Memorandums are member benefits, so to see the full text or to receive the next issue, you have to be a member.Topics for the Spring 2012 issue include: (1) Emerging legal trends in social media marketing; (2) tips for handling subpoenas and newsroom searches, and (3) briefs on copyright legislation and Copyright Office fees.

The Merits of User-Created Content and the ‘Discovery’ of Pinterest

Rodney emphasizes user-created content at SIPA Munich

More than 100 attendees from 13 countries and 24 companies have gathered yesterday through tomorrow for the SIPA Munich Conference. You can follow some of the proceedings on Twitter at #sipamuc. Craig Rodney, managing director, Cerebra Communications, South Africa, delivered a talk earlier today about mobile and social publishing.

Refocusing Email Marketers in 2012

Considerations for making email campaigns more effective

Email marketers spend a lot of time creating email marketing campaigns and informational email newsletters. They analyze past email campaign results, strategize on future campaigns, and conduct tests in hopes of finding the best email subject lines ever.

Some email trends for 2012 are fairly clear, and are dictated by direct changes in technology, while others stem from a focused emailing strategy. Below I have listed for email trends that may deserve more of your attention this year.

Members Reveal Their Most Successful Current Initiative

Eight SIPA members tell what the single-most successful thing their company is doing now

1. More than one portfolio company I’m working with today is having success using the same process: 1) Identify very specific unmet information needs of a very specific audience, horizontal or vertical. 2) Discard any information need which cannot be addressed using scalable technology. 3) Take the surviving concepts and productize them as online solutions using the techniques discussed at every SIPA meeting. I call this process “big data meets B2B.”
—Tim Baskerville, Media Service Group

Are Businesses Ditching Their Blogs for Facebook and Twitter?

A study from the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth shows businesses saying, “it’s not you, it’s me” to blogging during its peak of effectiveness
There are no sweeter words right now in the publishing industry, than the report that 26% of all those non-publisher Inc. 500 companies trying to weasel their way into our content space have decided to abandon ship (writing blog posts) and take the easy road (writing tweets).

Digital Magazine Shopping: A Little Help Please

Digital magazine shopping would be much more fun, fast, and efficient with a few simple upgrades to the Apple Newsstand app

Like any good industry analyst, I love looking at numbers. More than that, I love extrapolating trends and directions from them. Here are a few recent observations and extrapolations:

Media Finder, the online version of the Oxbridge Standard Periodical Directory, currently lists more than 53,000 US periodicals including magazines, newsletters, newspapers, and a number of other specialized formats like journals and reviews.