How to Promote a Magazine Digitally

If you want to promote a magazine digitally, you’ll find success with a multiplatform publishing approach

Digital publishers who recognize this are finding numerous way to reach their audiences, building subscribers from social media, through email, and funneling traffic to their websites from 3rd party sites.

Today we’re taking a look at six ways you can promote your digital magazines online. These strategies ultimately fit into the Mequoda Multiplatform Media Matrix, which represents the marketing plans available to your publication, in both physical and digital realms. Today’s information is focusing solely on the digital endeavors you can undertake to promote your digital magazines with success.

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How to Promote a Magazine with Six Different Channels

Portal Website: These websites are designed to drive traffic to your product, and if you sell a magazine, then it’s designed to help you sell your magazine. In order to do this, its primary goal is to build your email list. The portal website is a best practice for Mequoda Systems, as we’ve watched them feed new subscribers into the system. Portal websites are built with SEO in mind and include conversion architecture to convert visitors into email subscribers so that you can promote your magazine subscription later on once they’ve gotten to know you and the reliability of your awesome content.

Magazine Website: If you want to promote and sell magazines digitally, a magazine website is the type of website to focus on. Magazine websites must provide the functionality of viewing or downloading magazine content from it. These websites can be used to increase subscriptions, both in print and digitally.

Store Website: There are various types of store websites, all of which provide the opportunity to purchase products, services or events. Some of these are cart-based, like Amazon, where many items can be purchased at once. Other cart websites allow for single purchases only. Either way, if you want to sell a magazine, you need a store to sell it in.

Email Newsletters: One of the best ways to stay top of mind with your audience is to publish daily editorial newsletters. If you’re supplying an audience with valuable, usable content, they are more apt to spend money with you. Each email newsletter should be aligned with a paid premium product or subscription, providing the chance to monetize your free users. Publishing daily email newsletters is another Mequoda best practice.

Email Spotlights: Spotlights highlight a specific product or event, and are one place to promote your digital magazine. They are typically sent a few times per week, but you should keep one day per week in regular rotation to promote your magazine. These should be focused so that only one product is promoted per spotlight – your magazine.

Digital Newsstands: Start looking at digital newsstands as sales partners. They provide access to a growing audience of digital content consumers brought to life by products like tablets and smartphones. Of course, there are multiple digital newsstands to consider: You can publish Apple, Amazon, and Google Editions on destinations like Apple Newsstand, Amazon App Store, and the Google Play store.

How to Promote a Magazine Digitally in Other Ways

These digital channels from the Mequoda Media Matrix identify what most publishers build into their business plans, but there are some nitty gritty ways to promote your digital magazine too.

For example, it’s a good idea to align your social media promotions with the timing of your email promotions, both email newsletters and email spotlights. This is a multiplatform strategy that we use to get the most out of our promotional content. So if you promote your digital magazine in an email spotlight on Wednesday, be sure to promote it on Facebook and Twitter the same day. This will help you organize your social media promotions more efficiently.

And although it’s not a digital platform, don’t forget your print edition which features prime real estate. On the bottom of your print magazine pages, feel free to drop in a footer about the digital edition where they can read additional insights or watch videos. In fact, you can incorporate this type of copy into articles too.

These multiplatform publishing opportunities haven’t always been available to publishers. However, now that they’re here, there’s never been a better chance to meet your audience where they are.

Use these avenues to start promoting your magazines digitally, and pay attention to the ones that start driving more audience engagement. You might be amazed by the results.


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