Strategy Spotlight with Don: Build a “Smart Website” Smarter Than Your TV

When you think of a Smart TV, you think of one that’s connected to YouTube and Netflix and HBOGo all in one interface. If a TV can be so smart, why are so many websites, so dumb?

In this week’s strategy spotlight, Don Nicholas, Chairman & CEO of Mequoda, explains how adopting a “smart website” can mean more profits at less expense.

Quick Strategy Tip of the Day from Don


Our Mequoda Haven CXMS powers dozens of “smart websites” and is fully integrated. It knows when someone is a registered user and/or a paid subscriber. And something different will happen if you’re logged in, and if you’re not, and based on what you’ve purchased, it will try to sell you different products or upsell you. A smart website should only message you with ads that are based on data in your profile, and this is fundamental to maximizing advertising inventory.

If that sounds like something you want under your belt, all of this and much more is possible with a Mequoda Haven CXMS, the leading website platform created for publishers, by publishers.

Here’s what our clients are saying:

“We have used the Haven CXMS to create two successful online magazines that generate subscription revenues that are completely independent of our advertising driven legacy business model.” – Stuart Hochwert, President, Prime Publishing

Adoption of the Haven CXMS has produced three benefits for us. First, we are seeing sustained growth in subscription revenue. Second, we monetized a content archive with two decades of news and information. Three, our new customers have immediate access to the content they seek.” – Robert Michel, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, The Dark Report

“We have used the Haven CXMS to increase our revenue by more than 60% while completely eliminating direct mail from our marketing mix. Unsurprisingly, this has allowed us to dramatically increase profitability and our ability to fund our mission-driven programs.” – Gail Odeneal, Director of Marketing, The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

We have used the Haven CXMS to build the world’s largest, most authoritative, medically-driven Spanish-language healthcare website portal, helping millions of people to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their families.” – Carl Kravetz, Chief Executive Officer, Vida y Salud

“We have used the Haven CXMS to create a 21st century magazine experience that includes print, online and tablet editions. This fully integrated system allows us to reach our audience on a global basis, in real time.” – Christopher Napolitano, Creative Director, Indian Country Media Network

“We have used the Haven CXMS to deliver a real-time online magazine that features individual issues and our amazing archive of premium content.” – Paul Belliveau, Vice President New Media and Production, Yankee Publishing

When we build a Haven CXMS System for you, you will be running a magazine marketing and publishing system that is built on the best practices proven to work, used by today’s most successful niche publishers. And because we’ve built this complex marketing and publishing system for so many clients, it can be built in half the time, and at much less cost than what you’d expect from a custom-built CXMS.

You will be able to publish more, accomplish more, build a larger email list, and generate more revenue than you ever believed possible. As your partners on this journey, we’ll guide you every step of the way and will provide you with the tools and resources to make it happen.

Do you want to learn how to turn your magazine into a multiplatform magazine?

Mequoda is the most well-known consultancy and development company that specifically transforms magazines into multiplatform publishers. We have built our own Haven CXMS, a state-of-the-art SaaS tool built, owned and maintained by Mequoda to enable all the functionality that multiplatform publishing businesses need to be successful and profitable.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you build a profitable magazine subscription website and multiplatform niche media business, please schedule a no-obligation appointment with me.


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