Publishing Industry Trends: Online Ed Tech, Ecommerce + Events, Broadening B2B

Which publishing industry trends are making headlines this week?

This week’s roundup of the latest publishing industry trends includes the continued focus on monetizing ed tech, plus one media company’s melding of events and e-commerce. We’ll also get a quick glance at the latest magazine personnel moves, as well as an interesting take on the phenomenon of BuzzFeeding B2B content.

Folio: covers the magazine business beat better than anybody. A handful of recent articles capture these publishing industry trends and more.

Rodale U’s Transformation Challenge Passes 5K Paid Customers

Ed tech is hot, and it fits nicely into a multiplatform content approach, enabling as it does online archives, subscriptions, events, and video. Rodale recently launched, and one of its early programs is faring nicely. The $9.95 three-week Transformation Challenge helps consumers get in shape, and it has seen 5,000 sign-ups since its implementation one week ago, Folio: reports.

“You never know when you throw one of these things out there whether people who are used to one way will sign up for a different format. Prevention has done really well in getting our readers and users excited about the Challenge, but we never charged for it. This is the first time we asked them to help cover our costs,” Prevention and Editor-in-Chief Bruce Kelley told Folio:.

“It’s a social play. On every page there’s a button to discuss and the comments are piling up. There’s a lot of cheerleading, confessionals and support. We talk a lot in this business of creating a sense of community and a social environment and this has been one of the better models I’ve seen and the damn thing hasn’t even started yet.”

Bisnow Launches Proprietary Event Ticketing and E-Commerce Platform

Commercial real estate B2B publisher Bisnow is known for its formidable event schedule, and has now built its own platform for ticketing and e-commerce. The key to this feature is that it keeps consumers on site. Products like educational videos and white papers will also be available.


Can You BuzzFeed Your B2B Content?

Timely column in Folio: from Praetorian Digital Vice President of Content Jon Hughes about making B2B media sexier.

“At Praetorian, we’ve defined the act of ‘BuzzFeeding’ our content a few different ways. Employing a wider range of more engaging and visual content formats. Leaning on a greater range and more active use of analytics data. Testing, tweaking, and refining different content approaches to expand readership while retaining authority and credibility,” Hughes writes.

“For us, the ‘BuzzFeeding’ process has been a careful and gradual one. It’s as much about communication, training, and messaging as it is about employing new content approaches.”

Here are are Hughes’s 4 tips for capitalizing on publishing industry trends:

1. Refine and Broaden Your Content 

2. Balance Light and Heavy Articles 

3. Find the Right Blend of Metrics 

4. Sync Your Audience, Channel, and Message 

Time Inc. Makes Major Personnel Moves

InStyle Publisher Nina Lawrence has been relieved of her duties after just six months, Folio: reports. No replacement yet, but Deborah Marquardt is now general manager of the InStyle Network, while Ezinne Udezue is the new vice president of new product strategy.

Elsewhere, as we relayed a while back, Bill Uhler was officially announced as Mequoda Master Bryan Welch‘s successor as publisher at Ogden. Fortune hired Mark Gongloff as digital editor. Maggie Zackowitz is the new editor-in-chief National Geographic Travel. And Kristin Savilia is the new president of XO Group.

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