Digital Publishing Tips Found On-Demand

Are you looking for ways to optimize your entire digital publishing business?

Legacy publishers new to the online environment may feel overwhelmed by the operating tasks at hand.

For instance, the design of your media website is crucial to consumer usability and product monetization. It also needs to be Google-friendly so more audience members can find your content.

And don’t forget about the creating and promotion of your content; the freemiums used to entice casual visitors into signing up for your email newsletter and the promotions for premium products.

To help digital magazine publishers and their staff members, we offer the Mequoda Pro subscription library with over 60 hours of webinar information. All webinars can be viewed on-demand at the leisure of the subscriber.

Learn the secrets behind today's most rapidly growing niche publishers. Download a FREE copy of How to Develop a Multiplatform Magazine Business Plan, and discover how large your magazine business could become and how much of an investment will be required to build your business to maturity.

Some of the popular webinars that will help digital magazine publishers immediately include:

Facebook for Publishers

SEO Basics

29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Landing Page Testing & Optimization

Web Video 101 for Publishers

And those are only a handful of the 45 webinars offered in Mequoda Pro. Learn more about the Mequoda Pro subscription today, and start implementing these strategies.


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