More Free Content: Classic Mequoda Case Studies

These classic case studies are Mequoda best practice examples

Mequoda unlocks more free content. That’s right, now everyone has access to all forty of our Publishing Case Studies formerly part of the members only Mequoda Library.

What are they and what can you learn from them?

Publishing Case Studies are written by the Mequoda Research Team and focus on today’s top online publishers. You’ll find case studies written on the best and worst practices from online publishers in the industry.

Case studies include in-depth interviews and careful analysis of publishers’ business practices. Out of each case study, we try to bring you the successes and failures of these practices and tests. From these case studies, we hope you’ll learn more about what your colleagues are doing, but more importantly, what’s working and not working in the industry.

Specifically, the team reviewed each of the following 7 strategies as outlined in the Mequoda System.

  1. Editorial Strategy: Choosing the Right Media Platforms
  2. Business Strategy: Choosing the Right Online Business Models
  3. Keyword Strategy: Attracting Targeted Website Traffic
  4. Website Strategy: Converting Visitors into Subscribers
  5. Email Strategy: Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value
  6. Organizational Strategy: Integrating Online and Offline Media Teams
  7. Reporting Strategy: Managing Revenue by Exception


Here are some best practice examples as defined by our Research Team. We have included screenshots and links to the actual webpages for most of them. Since companies change with time, some websites may have changed their appearance.

  1. Trip Advisor
  2. Real Simple
  3. Motley Fool
  4. Martha Stewart
  5. Fine Woodworking
  6. America’s Test Kitchen
  7. Daily Reckoning
  8. Forbes
  9. Beer Business Daily
  10. Computerworld
  11. Harvard Health
  12. Wall Street Journal

Repeat the Continuous Improvement Cycle

Keep in mind that the Mequoda System is an ever changing process, as the Internet evolves, so does this media management system. We continually revisit the Mequoda System and make adjustments, just as you should constantly review and tweak your own business model.

Would you like to republish one of our Publishing Case Studies? All of our articles are available for republishing as long as there’s a back link to the original article within the republished article. The author’s name and a link to the bio must also remains intact.


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