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Tag: yahoo

What Is a Mequoda Subscription Website Portal?

A Mequoda subscription website Portal generates value from both users and sponsors
Mequoda has guided the development of more than a 300 successful niche media websites on a wide variety of niche media topics. Our best practice is to pair a free subscription website Portal with any premium subscription business model like a magazine or newsletter.

When you charge

How Fake News is Making Real Publishers Look Good

Thanks to fake news, there’s a surge of interest in “real news” sites, which could turn the news industry around
We’ve written a bit about fake news lately. How Google is banning it, how Facebook is blocking it, and how it’s being blamed for the results of our presidential election. But one thing I find interesting

Choosing the Best Content Management System for Digital Publishers

Your content management system is, simply stated, the system used to manage the content on your web site … but it’s so much more than just that. Choosing a CMS is one of the most important decisions publishers make today.

When it comes to choosing the best CMS for your digital publishing business, you can find advice from vendors, marketers, editors, sales people, technology experts, web developers, and even consultants. Although there are many choices, publishers need to stay focused on their goals when selecting a system.

Magazine Circulation Numbers: Niche Publishers, AAM, and More

Magazine circulation numbers are by definition always changing, but we’re at a crucial juncture when it comes to these stats.

For instance, it’s hard to believe, but the Alliance for Audited Media is just now establishing standards for magazine apps, because they’re helping publishers with audience development. And elsewhere, recent numbers give us a good idea of which niche magazines are succeeding, and which aren’t.

Digital Magazine News: Time Inc.,, New Republic

Digital magazine news about multiplatform strategy, increasing website traffic, mergers & acquisitions, and white papers and freemiums is what we love to share with our Mequoda Members and visitors to our website.

Luckily, we have sources like FishbowlNY to draw from. Let’s take a look at some recent articles on industry goings-on, starting with one of our favorite, most fascinating topics of 2015 — the Time Inc. digital renaissance.

10 Top Subscription Website Publishing Posts of 2015

Our most-read subscription website publishing posts of 2015 reveal a desire for better understanding of building, publishing and pricing subscription websites
This year in our Subscription Website Publishing articles we’ve tackled everything from choosing profitable subscription models, to choosing the best colors and fonts for your redesign, and pricing your subscription websites appropriately. However, there are a

Publisher Data: Casualty of Ad Blocking, Catalyst for Change

Publisher data is a broad term, but executives and sales staff know that they want more of it to develop long-term strategies for their content. But what happens when your user information is dwindling rather than expanding? Digiday reports on this trend and other industry news. Let’s take a look at a few of the site’s recent articles.

Could Meerkat Become an Essential Publisher App?

We know, we know: It’s a stiff challenge to keep up with all of the emerging social and sharing opportunities for publishers. But one new publisher app is gaining immediate traction, and its rise dovetails nicely with a big need for any multiplatform endeavor: a push for better video operations.

Bloomberg Digital Ambitions Built on Multiplatform Approach

After turning Atlantic Media into a global force to be reckoned with, Justin Smith now has his sights set on Bloomberg digital reigning supreme more than one year into his tenure and months into a radical redesign.

Yahoo’s Mobile Advertising Revenue Expected to Grow

Yahoo is growing in the world of mobile advertising, according to new data from eMarketer.

Yahoo Launches Digital Magazine

A new DIY digital magazine is hitting the web and it comes straight from Yahoo. TheWrap has the story.

Facebook for Publishers: Will Facebook Become More Valuable?

Facebook may be releasing a content-recommendation initiative, reports Digiday. If this is the case, the social media giant will be following the moves of other socially-involved websites like Yahoo and Google.

The Four Foundational Multiplatform Building Blocks

Mequoda Multiplatform Publishers build profitable Mequoda Pyramids with a Mequoda Matrix as their guide and a Mequoda Portal as their foundation…
Over the past several weeks, we’ve rolled out a foundation of what we consider the most essential building blocks of a multiplatform publishing system. We believe that by using these building blocks, any publisher can

Mobile Tactics Increasingly Utilize Curation

As they develop and refine their mobile content strategies, publishers are more and more mixing in curation with original stories, Digiday reports.

Yahoo Magazine Will Focus on Movies

Yahoo has launched its new digital magazine covering the film industry, appropriately titled Yahoo Movies, and has stepped up its native advertising and content marketing efforts, reports.

WhatsApp Benefits Becoming Clear for Publishers

While WhatsApp has yet to catch on with many publishers, Digiday is reporting that its social sharing possibilities could soon capture their imagination.

Mobile Innovations a Response to Ad Market

As they grapple with uneven mobile ad rates and inventory, publishers are looking inward to construct new models.

NewFronts Brings Publishers, Ad Buyers Together

Next week will witness 21 companies try to woo media buyers at NewFronts with a showcase of content, format, and programming.

The New Design: Same As the Old

It’s all good until you see that money still lying on the table.

That’s how we think of here at Mequoda. Last week it unveiled its new website design, to the general praise and adulation of the industry.

The Most Profitable Websites Have Mastered this Simple Advertising Strategy

Forbes contributor Benjy Boxer recently warned, “The combination of free publishing, social distribution, and the commoditization of advertising will eventually wipe out almost all of the advantages of a large media company.”

Further, he advised that “scarcity” is the only advantage left to media companies, and they’ll have to create that with their unique content or unique services to advertisers. Luckily for the niche subscription website publishers we advise, scarcity comes right along with being “niche,” unlike larger publishers competing with Yahoo and CNN for cost-per-click (CPC) dollars.

Google Releases "Top Heavy" Search Update

Search Engine Land is reporting that Google has released a new search algorithm update named “Top Heavy”. Barry Schwartz writes, “Matt Cutts, announced that Google has released a refresh of its Page Layout Algorithm.

Yahoo Introduces News Digest & Magazines At CES

Yahoo made some big announcements at CES that you might be interested in. David Pouge debuted the new digital magazine Yahoo Tech. Variety’s Marc Graser writes, “His new digital magazine that presents technology stories to general readers in a tile-like format without banner ads. Magazine launched Tuesday as an app. Yahoo Tech is one of many new digital magazines the company is launching to offer up news and articles to its users in a new format.”

Top 10 Digital Magazine Publishing Posts of 2013

We often hear about predictions for digital magazines; how they will grow, the revenue generation expected throughout the industry and the time frames associated with these numbers. These predictions are important, as they help publishers better prepare for the future. What’s more interesting, however, is discovering how people who are already consuming digital magazines are enjoying their experiences.

ASME’s New Guidelines for Native Advertisements

American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) has released new guidelines for native advertisements. Ad Age’s Michael Sebastian reports, “New language suggests magazines use the term “sponsored content” to help set apart native ads, which usually are designed to mimic a site’s editorial content.

National Geographic Turns 125

For 125 years National Geographic has been showing us all the foreign places of the world and inspiring adventure for generations. International Business Times has a brief look back at National Geographic’s illustrious history.

Mequoda Weekly: July 15 – 19th, 2013

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Native Ads Aren’t New, Time to Ditch Yahoo Accounts, Advertisers Get Picky

All this hype about native ads gave us a chuckle in yesterday’s weekly Mequoda editorial meeting. In case everybody’s forgotten, native ads aren’t new, a fad, or even advertising’s hottest thing. Remember advertorials? Magazines have been selling them, and publishing them, for decades! Digiday’s interpretation made me laugh, saying the name switch is like “putting lipstick on the advertorial pig.” Some would disagree because the ads are supposed to replace traditional online advertising, but AdWeek editor Mike Shields tweeted early on, saying “we’ve had ‘sponsored sections’ since 90s. Ditching banners is what’s revolutionary.”

Co-Created Editorial Content Winning Over Readers

Possibly inspired by social media and user-generated content, there’s an emerging trend in publishing and that’s co-created magazine content. PBS reports that “global media publisher Bonner Group is experimenting with co-creation at Olivia, an established women’s magazine in Finland with a readership of about 130,000.” I’ve seen user-generated magazine issues before at publications like Budget Travel, but never a system like this.

“In 2011, Olivia launched its co-creation platform, MyOwnOlivia (Oma Olivia), on which readers and journalists collaborate to produce feature stories in a sequenced and systematic but open process. Readers and journalists pursue stories together, and those stories are published in the print issues of Olivia magazine,” writes Tanja Aitamurto. The whole creation process is really fascinating with game-like challenges, and they’re finding that the most important thing to the users is that they’re “heard”by the editors. Keep reading the article and also the study it was based on.

Saving TIME Magazine: or, the Future of All of Us

Digital magazines can thrive, but they can’t be Yahoo

On March 3, 1923, TIME magazine was born. It was what most publications were in that era: an aggregator, dedicated to rewriting the news from around the world in pithy, pointed nuggets. To their prospective financiers, founders Henry Luce and Briton Hadden boasted that the average reader could get through an entire issue in 30 minutes.

‘Hunger Games’ Marketing Plan Should Get Us Thinking

Hunger Games marketing campaign yields vital lessons

“This book is on junior high reading lists, but kids killing kids, even though it’s handled delicately in the film, is a potential perception problem in marketing,” he said.
—from March 18 New York Times article about the marketing of the film The Hunger Games

Six Creative Ways to Get Your Message Heard

You Can’t Just Rest on Your Good Scents

At our local farmers market, one of the most popular vendors sells sausage. Their “trick” is that they cook up delicious samples for people to try. On Saturday, I was indulging when the vendor shouted something like, “Hey everyone, get your sausage samples here! Just out of the pan!” A woman next to me said to the young man, “Oh, come on, you don’t have to shout anything. These things sell themselves by now.” To which he replied, “No, I definitely do – people respond to that.”

Develop an XML Sitemap with this Plug-in

Operators of WordPress website can easily increase optimization with this tool

Sitemaps are a critical part of search engine optimization, especially if you have a lot of content on your website.

For instance, if you publish daily content like most successful digital publishers do, then you likely have hundreds or thousands of pages and posts. If you are following standard SEO strategies, you have included keywords in those posts, with your most important pages being highly optimized.

Master the Art of Writing for an Audience

In only 12 lessons, you can grasp the process of writing for search engines.

By now, the question, “why should I write for search engines?” isn’t asked as much as it was a few years ago. Today, online editors are asking how they can learn the best tips for writing for search engines because they get how the Internet is used. They understand that websites like Google and Yahoo are used by hundreds of thousands of people each day; people who use search engines to answer their most pressing questions.

Help Your Digital Content Get Found Easier with this Plug-in

Whether you’re optimizing your subscription website or adding keyword tags to the rapid conversion landing pages of your digital products, utilizing an XML sitemap helps search engines find your content easier.

XML sitemaps make it easier for the search engine crawlers to see the complete architecture of your website so they can retrieve the information more efficiently. This process helps take in account all the optimization components throughout your pages; make it possible for you to experience better search engine rankings.

The Etiquette of Social Media Marketing

A Little Social Marketing Etiquette Can Pay Big Dividends

In her new book, Content Is Ca$h: Leveraging Great Content and the Web for Increased Traffic, Wendy Montes de Oca—an occasional speaker at SIPA conferences—offers her 10 rules of social marketing etiquette. (I added #11.) So while you’re getting those marketing messages out there, just remember that there are still some niceties to pay attention to.

1. “Be aware. Know each social media community’s law of the land.” I was just taking a look at the new Google+–invitations are no longer necessary to join—and it’s probably a good idea to read through everything before joining. Hangouts? Circles? Hmmm.

Open Content Dominates Top 1,000 Websites

A new study from the Mequoda Research Team sheds light on the use of open content

Open content has been around since the inception of the web. Since that time, it’s been debated if top branded content suppliers should be using an open content model to drive online business, in particular, website traffic.

To supply the industry with pertinent data, the Mequoda Research Team conducted a new study we’re calling the 2011 Mequoda 500. This study determined the content and business models for the top 1,000 websites according to Compete’s traffic numbers and focused on the top 500 that operated an open content model.

Tips on Verifying Email Addresses and Protecting Your PDFs

Verifying Email Addresses and Protecting PDFs You Send

Quality of email address generation. Direct mail – what’s working. Protection against subscribers illegally passing on pdf files. Royalties from the Copyright Clearance Center. These are the subjects from conversations on the SIPA Listserv just from last week. It really is one of the best member benefits that SIPA has, especially when it gets a head of steam going.

The most active forums are Marketing, IT and Editorial. The above subjects came from the Marketing listserv. Jennifer Kern of Modern Distribution Management asked about the quality of email addresses generated from conversions on AdWords campaigns (as opposed to leads generated directly from sign-up forms on your websites). “Two of our recent campaigns have been very successful at generating conversions (email addresses) but the domains are primarily Yahoo and Hotmail accounts,” she wrote.

The Top 8 Tips for Sizing Up Your SEO Competition

Discover how your content will fare on the web

Most successful online publishers understand that building a keyword universe is the foundation for digital success.

Another key document for digital success is an Online Market Audit. This process and resulting document alerts you to other websites in your market that are ranking well for your keywords and may help identify partnership opportunities.

Real-time Marketing: One Tragic Flaw

All online businesses need to track metrics, and pay attention to the numbers that equal successful revenue generation

At the recent SIPA 2011 event in Washington, DC, I had the opportunity to sit in on David Meerman Scott’s keynote entitled “Real-Time Marketing and PR – Why Journalists and Marketers Should Care.”

This session focused on the concept of real-time marketing, which is essentially the process of responding to relevant industry news as it breaks. The idea relies on using blogs and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to provide a publishing platform to participate in real-time marketing.

Are You Tweeting Enough to Engage Customers?

Taking Advantage of Real-Time News

On the ESPN radio show “Mike and Mike” this morning, they played a tape from just before the start of this year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. It was a prediction from Liam’s mom—the English mother of the show’s producer—who supposedly knows very little about basketball. The tape played her forecast on the show that UConn would beat Butler 53-39 in the final. Last night’s final was UConn 53, Butler 41. They calculated the odds of this prediction at somewhere around 1 in 10 million.

What to do next? Give her a Twitter account, of course (#Liamsmum). As of 9:21 this morning Eastern time, she had 1,570 followers. Can an appearance on Letterman be far behind?

5 Tips for Using Google as an Audience Development Partner

Insight from SES that will help your audience development efforts

Online publishers have an advantage that print publishers never had.

This advantage is Google, which affords many opportunities for publishers to build their audience with the help of its search engine and analytic tools.

4 Tools for Discovering Your Backlinks from SES New York

Jim Boykin, CEO and Founder of We Build Pages shares Internet marketing and audience development tools

Backlinks help to build credibility for your website.

As it’s been said many times before, content is king. If your content is truly king within your market, then your articles will likely receive backlinks from a number of different sources.

Discover Nuances in Search Behavior by Device

New insight on why mobile devices, tablets and desktops do not experience the same search queries

The options for engaging with search engines has changed as tablet devices hit the market and mobile devices become more popular.

Taylor Schreiner, senior director of strategic research and insight at Yahoo, believes it’s important for brands to understand the subtle differences in search.

Discover How to Create the Best Buzz Posts

Do you know who’s in your online neighborhood? Find out with an Online Market Audit

Buzz posts serve as great social media fodder while displaying your industry knowledge.

Creating the best buzz post is harder than you may expect. It is not as easy as going to your favorite websites that you think are relevant to your audience. You have to use metrics to truly find the best sources to base buzz posts on.

How to Engage an Audience with Modern Advertisements

From mobile to video, consumers require one main thing

Unchartered territories are used for marketing in modern times. In addition to social media being a marketable medium if done carefully, mobile advertising is on an upswing.

The challenge for many marketers is to successfully utilize today’s opportunities without disrupting trusting audiences.

How to Facilitate the Process of Content Licensing

An Interactive Webinar with Practical Content Licensing Strategies

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we discussed two actionable approaches for content licensing that helps drive website traffic and increase online revenue while furthering brand recognition.

The two approaches from EatingWell Media Group included custom content and direct to partner deals.

Predictions for Social Media in 2011

The quest of spreading New Year predictions continues

Looking back at 2010, a couple of things pop into mind.

The launch of the iPad and the popularity of mobile devices is one of the thoughts.

Social media is the other, and this one is the most impressive.

Portal Subscription Website Archetype

A Portal Subscription Website Archetype aggregates content from outside sources. Portals are intended to build and feed an audience; they are specifically designed for SEO, email marketing, list building, and lead generation.

These Two Search Engines are Gaining More Search Share

Other major players in the search engine realm are losing share

The use of search engines is critical to the success of online publishers for both organic and paid search listings.

Therefore, it’s worth knowing which search engines are being used the most by individuals looking for answers.

5 Free Ways Generate Website Traffic

How to increase website traffic for free!

We’re always looking for ways to increase website traffic, especially if it’s free. And yes, there are ways to generate website traffic for free. You may already be doing some of these, and you may have others to add to our list.

Here are 5 ways to generate website traffic that won’t cost anything: