News From B2B Publishing Companies: SourceMedia, Dolan, and More

B2B publishing companies making product upgrades and personnel changes; plus, the latest tablet statistics

We count many B2B publishing companies as Mequoda Members, in large part because you’re hardwired for a multiplatform strategy. You often have built-in niche audiences; you can facilitate events and conferences; and you have tons of material to draw from for content like articles, white papers, instructional videos, podcasts, and more.

Still, you come to us for a reason – you haven’t quite put it all together yet, because the industry is always evolving, and demands for products, platforms, and personnel are changing.

MediaPost has recent stories on these topics and more. Let’s take a look!

B2B Publishing Companies Like SourceMedia Refocusing on Multiplatform

SourceMedia is relaunching its digital publishing platform, MediaPost reports.

“It is focused on cross-platform user experience, native advertising integration and an improved mobile user experience. The features, which also include a cleaner interface, responsive design and continuous scrolling, are ‘designed to integrate the company’s content feeds, events and other services into the workflow of its audience,’ the company states,” Sara Guaglione writes.

“SourceMedia’s decision to shift focus to the company’s digital growth and marketing solutions – even though SourceMedia still publishes a number of print magazines – is part of a growing B2Bmedia trend. As print advertising revenues dip, audience relationships and a successful mobile experience become increasingly important. Readers today are all about engaging with digital content and accessing it via smartphones.”

GateHouse Taps New CEO for Dolan B2B Publishing Companies

GateHouse has named Adam Reinebach is CEO for recently acquired B2B publishing companies umbrella Dolan, MediaPost reports.

“Dolan is made up of 39 print and online publications and publishes news for the legal, financial, real estate and government affairs sectors in the 17 markets it serves across the U.S. Reinebach stated the Dolan brands have retained ‘a loyal base of paid subscribers’ and has been able to build a high level of engagement with these communities,” Guaglione writes.

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“In December 2015, GateHouse acquired Dolan Publishing, which includes titles like The Daily Record and Lawyers Weekly. Previous to this appointment, Reinebach launched and led Responsive Partners, a digital consultancy specializing in B2B turnarounds. Reinebach also served as EVP, managing director at SourceMedia and was a vice president at Thomson Financial.”

Tablet Ads, Content a Strong Option for B2B Publishing Companies

Tablet user statistics are showing encouraging trends for B2B publishing companies, MediaPost reports.

“Despite declining sales, tablets still command a large portion of mCommerce that happens on devices. IAB released a playbook for advertising on tablets today, highlighting their unique capabilities and cheerleading the devices for media buyers,” Ben Frederick writes.

“According to IAB, tablet users prefer to ‘lean back’ when interacting with the device, and consume much more long-form content  the devices than connected TVs. This makes the devices a solid choice for B2B marketers looking to deliver informational videos and whitepapers to customers.”

And Finally, Forbes Is Guaranteeing Gains for Digital Advertisers

Forbes is pretty confident in its digital advertising offerings, so much so that they’re offering a BrandVoice Increase Guarantee, MediaPost reports.

“The new guarantee for BrandVoice, its native ad product launched in 2010, claims marketers that spend a minimum of $250,000 for both display advertising and at least seven BrandVoice stories published on over 60 days will be guaranteed an increase in brand lift. Or they get their money back,” Guaglione writes.

“Though Forbes doesn’t guarantee how much the lift will be, Ann Marinovich, vice president, advertising products and strategy at Forbes Media, pointed to a 2013 study by Forbes and IPG Media Labs. It revealed the most effective combination for driving brand lift was combining branded content and display advertising.”

Do you count yourself among B2B publishing companies? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!

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