Three Informative Tracks for a Complete Experience

Past attendees will tell you that editors, marketers and management professionals should attend a Mequoda Summit to get the full experience

Yesterday’s Mequoda Daily featured a conversation I had with Willie Vogt, the Corporate Editorial Director of Farm Progress.

The focal point of the interview was to see how Farm Progress, the popular long-standing organization, is handling the digital transformation for its publications.

This topic is extremely important to magazine publishers as the times are surely changing, and instead of closing the doors, smart publishers are turning towards a digital strategy.

Our Mequoda Summit East 2011 is dedicated to the digital strategy of content marketing that handfuls of successful publishers have already adopted.

Mequoda Summit East 2011 features our three Track Format

The Summit features a three-track format, which includes management, editorial, and marketing programs. Although we have implemented this program design, it is surely not a labeling process, as editors will go to marketing sessions and vice versa.

The main Summit is divided into eight sessions for each day. No matter which sessions you attend, there will be a healthy mix of information in each session.

As an introduction, here is a brief look at the agenda for the main two-day summit:

Management Track:

-Creating Little Blockbusters

-Modeling & Budgeting for Online Publishers

-Designing and Managing Magazine Websites

-Usability Testing for Publishers


Marketing Track:

-Audience Development Roundtable

-Landing Page Optimization

-Email Newsletter Optimization

-SEO Campaign Management

Editorial Track:

-Online Editors Roundtable

-YouTube for Editors

-Blogging for Editors

-Email Copywriting Basics

Sessions for Everyone:

-Keynote: Managing Digital Transformation

-Digital Native Roundtable

-Keynote: Decoding the New Google Algorithm

-Idea Blast Roundup

As an addition to the main Summit, we are offering pre and post-Summit workshops that focus on Content Marketing Strategy, SEO and Social Media Optimization.

We’ve used the old vernacular to put together programs that are more strategic in nature, and include topics around content marketing, audience development and online editorial. We believe our attendees can get the most out of the program with multiple tracks, and because of this, most companies send three to five employees. This allows them the perfect opportunity to spread out and talk with each other after each session. They are able to share knowledge that’s imperative to the success of their digital strategies.

If you attend the Summit alone, we can help you decide which sessions are best for you. We are confident this event will help you see and understand the digital environment much better.

As Willie has been quoted saying, the Mequoda Summit “offers an eye-opening informative look at the future of publishing.”

I look forward to seeing you at the Mequoda Summit East 2011.


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