Audience Development Needs to Focus on Tablets

Audience development is perhaps the most important skill digital publishers need to understand

Publishers are making great strides to get their digital magazine publishing up to par by offering single issues and digital subscriptions. And although this is a positive direction to go in, they may be missing some of the most crucial parts of their digital strategy.

Marketing and distributing digital products will fail if a robust audience isn’t being targeted. For many digital publishers, audience development efforts need to focus on the tablet experience because as Forrester points out in the name of one of its reports, “Tablets will rule the future personal computing landscape.”


Forrester’s prediction is that 760 million tablets will be in use by 2016. If current trends continue, tablets will have high usage and engagement rates, and will take time away from other forms of media devices.

Developing your audience to recognize and accept content on tablets is a big step. However, there are steps that can be taken to succeed in audience development. First, you can study best practices and case studies from publishers focusing efforts on keyword strategy, SEO campaign management, blogging, social media, landing page optimization and email campaigns. We cover many of these topics in our on-demand digital subscription service Mequoda Pro.

For a more hands-on approach, you can join us in New York City for the Audience Development Summit this fall. There you will experience first-hand information from top digital publishing professionals. These individuals tackle the digital transformation each day, and have helped their organizations thrive.

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