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Mergers & acquisitions, plus upbeat reports and new features from leading digital publishing companies

The year 2015 has seen a positive net gain so far for digital publishing companies, with sustained good news offsetting any bad. Overall, the industry has become more nimble in adapting to trends, technology, and unexpected developments. A sense of aggressiveness and anticipation has defined the year so far, as publishers have been more proactive.

Mequoda Members know how important it is to stay abreast of digital publishing trends when planning out a multiplatform strategy. Toward that end, we scan the industry headlines every day to find the news that impacts digital publishing companies. Today’s roundup comes from one of our favorite and most dependable sources, Talking New Media.

Software & Information Industry Association

The Software & Information Industry Association, representing the tech and content sector, has merged two of its holdings: the Association of Business Information and Media Companies will now join forces with the Content and Information Services Division.

“The combination gives members greater access and insight as they navigate growth and change in the information, media and technology industries,” new ABM/CISD Managing Director Michael Marchesano said in a statement.

“Members will be part of a stronger networked community, allowing them to innovate, create new partnerships, and share best practices for maintaining world-class global media and information organizations.”

Up next for the new super division? A new super event. The ABM’s Annual Summit and the SIIA Information Industry Summit will combine to form the AMB & Information Industry Summit. This year’s event, “The Intersection of Information and Technology,” takes place in June in Washington, D.C.


Meredith continues to make the right plays. According to Talking New Media, the publisher’s top titles –  Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, Fitness, Ladies Home Journal, More, Parents, and Traditional Home among them – are showing 77% growth in digital circulation year over year. TNM credits the gains to Next Issue sales, but also points out that digital subscriptions are up, as well.

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Ed tech is emerging as one of the predominant trends driving publishing decisions, and Bonnier isn’t missing its chance stake a claim. Its Bonnier Business Press has acquired Clio Online, a Danish platform for digital learning materials in elementary schools.

“Clio Online’s strong market position makes it possible for us to enter a highly interesting market segment and develop it even further. Digital learning materials in schools are one of the final frontiers in the digitalization of content and society. By acquiring Clio Online, we provide ourselves with the best possible partner for bringing that digitalization to markets outside of Denmark,” Bonnier Business to Business’s Anders Eriksson said in a statement.

“The acquisition will provide a boost as well as a solid foundation for our current and planned efforts in corporate e-learning and knowledge products,”

Rolling Stone

Talking New Media reports that Rolling Stone is now adding music clips to its digital editions, ramping up the quality of its native product.

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