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Tag: press release

A press release is used to share news-worthy information to the media. For online audience development, press releases are optimized for search engines and disseminated with the help of distribution websites. Modern press releases may include links to pertinent web collateral, images, and even video content.

An Audience Development Plan for Targeted Writing

Five steps to an audience development plan

Writing for audience development begins with keyword research. What are your audience members searching for? How many people are searching for the content you provide? What is the related competition on the keyword phrases that you want to rank for in search engines?

Knowing the answers to these questions will provide you with a foundation for your audience development plan. Let’s take a look at a step-by-step approach for audience development writing.

One of the Best Tools for Building Email Circulation

How are you building your email marketing file?

Every online marketer and audience development manager has a preferred method for building their email file.

As a content creator myself, and the person tasked with audience development efforts, my favorite way to build an email file relies on great content and superb targeting.

12 Audience Development Tips

These audience development tips will help you attract, obtain and convert casual visitors to your website

There are plenty of ways of executing audience development efforts in the digital landscape. Today we are going to discuss a few of them.

For organic audience development we suggest utilizing search engine optimization, SEO copywriting and the distribution of SEO press releases. These audience development methods will help you target audience members through search engines by utilizing keywords relevant to their interests.

Five Tablet Guidelines Presented by the MPA

The MPA Tablet Metrics Task Force recently announced new guidelines for tablet metrics

The action was taken to better serve advertisers while attempting to create consistency among digital magazine publishers.

In addition to tablet metrics guidelines, the group created a common set of definitions and decided when data should be released.

The MPA Tablet Metrics Task Force consists of a group of magazine executives from seven publishers, including Bonnier Corporation, Conde Nast, Forbes, Hearst Magazines, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Meredith Corporation and Time Inc. Advertising agencies and the MPA Executive Committee were also consulted during this process.

Audience Development Blogging: How Much is an Audience Development Blog Subscriber Worth?

For consumer marketers, there is perhaps no better audience development program than one anchored by a well-run audience development blog

I almost never meet a publisher who tells me their audience could not be larger. And for the most part, they are absolutely correct. Most niche media publishers never reach more than three to five percent of their target audience on a regular basis. And couple that with the fact that audience size is a direct driver of publishing revenue, you fuel the never-ending quest for audience development.

While many publishers are content to gain visibility by simply repurposing magazine, newsletter, and catalog content onto their websites, a growing number of savvy online publishers are taking the next step by adding an audience development blog designed to repurpose premium content in the form of tips, reviews, summaries, and other derivative formats.

Entice Your Readers With Your Own New York Times “Fly Out”

You know The New York Times, right? Of course you do. And what’s great about is that it features an exquisite layout that retains the look and feel of a read newspaper and provides the form and function for todays netizens as well.

One goal that digital publishers have is to keep readers reading and clicking, and The New York Times has a clever feature that entices readers to do just that.

Mequoda Tops 30,000 in January

3 best practices for increasing website traffic

January 2012 has been a record setting month for Mequoda Daily.

As a small B2B company, it can be hard to reach specific milestones since most are resourced at a smaller level. However, this past month has yielded more significant results than usual, and it is due to some slight changes that many can implement easily.

Staying Productive With Clippings

Your day can get bogged down by the repetitive task of manually typing the same blocks of text into your browser, whether it’s a blog comment signature, a bio, a mini-press release, or something else. The amount of time you spend on these tasks can add up to be hours by the end of the year. Fortunately there is a handy FireFox extension called Clippings. Clippings lets you “save frequently-entered text for pasting later” while your working in Firefox.

Master the Art of Writing for an Audience

In only 12 lessons, you can grasp the process of writing for search engines.

By now, the question, “why should I write for search engines?” isn’t asked as much as it was a few years ago. Today, online editors are asking how they can learn the best tips for writing for search engines because they get how the Internet is used. They understand that websites like Google and Yahoo are used by hundreds of thousands of people each day; people who use search engines to answer their most pressing questions.

Week in Review: October 3rd, 2011 – October 7th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

An Inspirational Press Release Template From Amazon

I was so excited to see that McAllister shared the press release template that Amazon’s product managers use when coming up with a thoughtful and inspiring press release for a new product. See if you can apply this to one of your own products:

How to Publish Your Standout Content

Google makes a change that can help the best content get found more easily

There’s always been value in Google News.

This is the case because I’ve used Google News numerous times for press releases by properly optimizing the release for keyword phrases.

How to Build an Audience with Free Strategies

8 sources for audience development

Attracting interested visitors to your website is the first step in successful audience development.

Yesterday in a session at the Mequoda Summit East 2011, Kim Mateus, Chief Content Officer at Mequoda Group, presented a case study from Knitting Daily.

The Social Media Kick Your SEO Campaigns Need

Why social media should be a part of all your SEO campaigns

Ten years ago, you could have launched a new product and gotten straight to work with direct mail and TV commercials.

In 2011, our world is much faster and gives us the resources available at our fingertips that allow us to start promoting right away. If you read our free SEO Campaign Management white paper, you’d have learned these seven important steps:

Statistics on Facebook Advertising Released

Discover how age and gender handle click-throughs and “Likes”

Do you remember a time when social media was so new that no one knew how to monetize or what key audiences were?

Since social media is still in its infancy, that time wasn’t too long ago.

Find SEO Success with the Right Keyword Phrases

Tips from PR Newswire on selecting the best words for SEO success

SEO is not just for blog posts; it has found a place all throughout the Internet, from image tags and video transcriptions to optimized press releases.

SEO is ultimately all about reaching your audience. You need to use and understand the language employed by your target audience members.

Are You Targeting the Most Popular Online Activities?

“Nearly universal” activities for adults include search and email

With all the changes that take place in the digital landscape, some activities have remained popular throughout the years, even as new technology emerges.

Not to say that new technology doesn’t excite users, but some activities have evolved to become habitual.

According to a new study from Pew Internet & American Life Project, search and email continue to be the most popular online activities with adults. Both search and email are used by 92% of adults online.

The Art of Link-Dropping: 3 Ways to Boost SEO and Get More Inbound Links to Articles

Not your average tactics for audience development and link-love

Undoubtedly, every article on your website is a gem. However, there are surely breadwinner posts that you are especially proud of, have been keyword optimized and aren’t getting the very special traffic-love that they deserve.

Ads on Tablets More Effective Than Ads on eReaders

A study on consumer response to ads on both tablets and eReaders shows that tablet ads attract more attention

Which device do you think would engagement and attract consumers more with advertisements, tablets or eReaders?

New findings from GfK MRI Starch Advertising Research show that tablets are more successful with their advertising efforts than tablets.

3 Tips for Online Editors Using Press Releases

Press releases can be your friend in the digital age if you create them properly

Have you posted a press release online? Did it yield the results you wanted, or were the results lacking?

For those of you unsure of the success press release can have online, let me say first hand that they can have a positive impact when created and distributed properly.

How to Explore the Online Environment with the Google Wonder Wheel

This keyword research tip provides you with information on how to use the Google Wonder Wheel to build your audience

As an editor, I find keyword research interesting.

It is something that blurs the line between wordsmithing and psychology; the activity of doing keyword research allows you a glimpse at how your audience thinks while conducting searches online.

Want Tips for Generating More Website Traffic?

Last chance to register for our 29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic webinar

Who doesn’t want more strategies for generating website traffic?

Traffic is the lifeblood for online publishers and content marketers. It is the starting point for all online relationships and conversions.

Rapidly Convert Casual Visitors with Ease

A rapid conversion landing page housing a free downloadable is an intriguing offer for content seekers

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed nine components for SEO blogging that helps create informative articles that will have a better chance of getting indexed by search engines.

One of the components listed in yesterday’s article discussed the inclusion of a free report link. This link will always lead visitors to a rapid conversion landing page (RCLP) which incorporate long-form copy explaining all of the benefits surrounding the free download.

29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Order this new, 90-minute webinar on CD and discover an audience development checklist containing 29 ways to increase website traffic.

How to Utilize Search to Build Your Audience

Our SEO Campaign Management Basics free report will teach you how to implement and execute SEO campaigns for your freemiums

Download your free digital copy of our SEO Campaign Management Basics white paper now

In an article that published earlier this week, we shared data from Outbrain that showed where external traffic came from for content publishers.

The highest percent of external traffic came from search, which accounted for 41% of all external traffic for content publishers. Content sites followed with 31.3% and social media only accounted for 10.5% of external traffic.

6 Tips for Using YouTube for PR

Reach your audience through the power of video

The Internet has changed the power PR professionals have.

In the past, media and public relations was heavily dependent on developing relationships with journalists and editors.

Free Report Friday: Publish Press Releases that Get Found

Our SEO Press Release Guidelines Free Report will help you create and distribute search engine optimized press releases

Download a FREE digital copy of our SEO Press Release Guidelines now

I learned a lot from the SES Conference in New York City back in March. One of the most important things multiple speakers said was about the value of inbound links.

Especially now, after the Panda update, the user experience has become even more important to publishers.

Week in Review: April 4th, 2011 – April 8th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Leveraging Organic Media to Build User Relationships

Join me for our Content Marketing Strategy Workshop in New York City on June 21st

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, I shared two great press release examples and five press release guidelines.

Using well crafted press releases and distributing them through online resources is one way of leveraging your content to get audience members back to your website. From there, incorporating conversion architecture through your website will help you build a larger email file.

How To Capitalize Off a Press Release

Capitalize off trending topics with an SEO press release

Editors, bloggers and PR professionals should rejoice! The Internet allows us to spread newsworthy information quite easily.

Now that PR is more social due to free press release distribution sites and networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, there are ways to capitalize off the opportunities.

Using SocialPR on Facebook for Audience Development, Increased Website Traffic and User Engagement

Lisa Buyer shares her SocialPR prowess at SES in New York City

Like many online endeavors, public relations is becoming more social.

Lisa Buyer, President and CEO of the Buyer Group, discussed how the term SocialPR is being used to describe the combination of social media and online PR. This trend has come to the industry because the media is search and social savvy too, not just people.

6 Helpful Tips on Building Email Circulation and Increasing Website Traffic

If you want to increase website traffic and build a larger email marketing list, we have the solution

Download a free digital copy of Increasing Website Traffic & Building Email Marketing Lists now

For successful online publishers, website traffic and email circulation go hand-in-hand. For instance, the more website traffic you have, the bigger your email marketing list will likely be.

If you want more website traffic and a larger email marketing file, try using the six tips we outline below. You can get further help in our

The Social Network Subscription Website Business Model

Discover three popular types of social network subscription website models

A social network subscription website is a powerful networking tool that relies primarily on user-generated content.

Social network subscription websites are used to create a setting where people with similar interests can use the virtual world to make real connections—whether purely social relationships or specifically BtoB networks. It’s the online version of meet and greet.

The 9 Essential Steps of a Successful B2B SEO Campaign

How to build your email list by getting inbound links to your landing pages

An SEO campaign generally starts with a free product. Free products lined up with a keyword-packed landing page plus some self-generated inbound links are your best bets at getting your free product downloaded and your email list growing.

The greatest thing about launching an effective SEO campaign is that, if done right, it can generate traffic for an indefinite amount of time, rather than for just a surge of traffic you might get from a blog reference or Twitter re-tweet.

Mayo Clinic and to Collaborate on Health Information in Spanish

The two organizations will work to bring medical expertise to Hispanic audiences, the largest source of health information in Spanish on the Internet, will be collaborating with Mayo Clinic to provide Hispanic audiences with medical information in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Mayo Clinic and Dra. Aliza Lifshitz, the founder of will provide the breaking news in Spanish that deals with innovations, treatments and advancements in health care.

Building Your Communities, Online and Living

What Makes Us Love Our Communities

A very interesting study was just released by Gallup and the Knight Foundation asking what attaches people to their communities. Now these communities are places to live but there still seems to be relevant data for those of us who seek to develop our online communities.

Gallup interviewed 43,000 people in 26 communities over three years and found three primary qualities that attach people to place: social offerings, such as entertainment venues and places to meet, openness (how welcoming a place is) and the area’s aesthetics (its physical beauty and green spaces).

Write Better Landing Page Headlines With These 4 Tricks

Convince your would-be customers with facts, not hype

A salesletter is defined by the headline it reads. The headline is often written in the largest font, with the boldest colors, and tells the reader why it would be beneficial for them to keep reading.

How many times have you visited a new website and been confused by what is being offered?

It may seem hard to believe, but far too many landing pages fail almost immediately by offering up lackluster headlines and subheads. The visitor who’s reading your landing page wants nothing more than the answer to this question: “What’s in this for me?”

The iPad’s Impact on the Tablet Market

Some remarkable statistics for the online publishing world’s game-changer

After seeing data on 2010’s tablet market, it’s hard not to agree that Apple’s iPad has been a game-changer.

During the 4th quarter of 2010, the iPad drive tablet sales up 45%, and in the process, took 90% of the market.

The Four Simplest Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Daily tasks for increasing website traffic with little to no effort

While we search and search for new and innovative ways to get more people to our website, there are still the fundamentals that you shouldn’t miss. If you ask any Internet marketer that publishes content, they’ll be able to tell you what they do on a daily basis, and then they’ll be able to tell you the nitty gritty of everything else.

These are those daily tasks to get your articles distributed to the masses with little to no effort:

Notes & Quotes from Affiliate Summit West

Tips from top bloggers on how to get them to write about you

This week I was in Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West, just to simply learn a few tricks about affiliate marketing, in addition to the new rules and laws that surround promoting a product that someone is sponsoring or has asked you to blog about. This sort of thing wasn’t entirely regulated in the past, but the rules set out by the FTC a little over a year ago state that you need to be completely transparent and mark any kind of affiliate link as an affiliate link and a sponsored product or review as such.

SEO Campaign Management: 5 Ways to Promote Your Freemiums

If you build and promote it, they will come

Creating and updating your freemiums should be a goal for 2011.

Information changes, strategies get updated and your keywords may not be as relevant as they were a year ago, or even six months ago.

This is why it’s so important to execute SEO campaigns on a regular basis.

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Landing Page Templates

Landing page optimization tips for the holiday season

If you ever wondered whether or not you could build your email list by giving away free “holiday” themed products, the answer is yes. In fact, it’s recommended if you have the time to put into it and resources that you are willing to use within it.

For example, Knitting Daily offers several holiday-themed knitting items. Items like a poinsettia ornament and cabled globe ornament can be found on their site. These items are already free and downloadable.

If Knitting Daily wanted to come out with a holiday-themed eBook, they would need to take the following steps:

4 SEO Campaign Management Guidelines That Won’t Ever Change

How to write pages and articles so that they will always get found in search engines

Search Engine Optimization is a moving target. Fortunately, the tried–and-true tactics still work. Google still loves:

* Topically relevant links from important sites
* Keyword-rich title tags
* Keyword-rich content
* Internal hierarchical linking structure

These are all items that every SEO campaign should keep in its mental checklist. These things aren’t going to change.

Week in Review: November 29th, 2010 – December 3rd, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Reach New Audiences with SEO Press Release Guidelines

Target your keywords, inform audiences and do so in style

Download a free digital copy of our SEO Press Release Guidelines white paper now

The press release will never be the same.

The Internet has transformed the old method of creating press releases. Online publishers or content marketers are able to add modern, media-rich styles to their releases to garner greater attention.

Easy Takeaways, PR Primer Highlight Hotline!

Conference Recap, PR Primer Highlight Latest Hotline

The SIPA Hotline newsletter has long been one of the most worthwhile member benefits. (The latest one has just been posted for members on the website.) So let me give you a sneak peek. We’ve included a Marketing Conference recap, a primer on good public relations, two pages of industry names and news, a column welcoming Matt Salt, our new executive director, and 10 rules for success from specialized publishers.

Here’s a quick byte of 10 takeaways from the Conference, in the newsletter:

Hotline Newsletter Now Posted on Website!

November Hotline Now Posted on SIPA Website

The November SIPA Hotline newsletter has just been posted on the website, with coverage of the recent Marketing Conference in Miami! We’ve included an overview for you and a recap of some sessions, plus some themes that emerged and 10 takeaways for you to digest. Over the coming weeks, you’ll be reading more in-depth pieces on the various sessions in the SIPAlert Daily articles.

Open Hotline now. You will need your SIPA password to access the newsletter. If you don’t know it, just follow the very easy prompts.

3 Rules for Sending Press Releases to Bloggers

Press release guidelines for getting bloggers to respond to your PR emails

At Mequoda, not only do we get press releases sent to us on a regular basis, but we also mingle with some of the blogging elite that receive sometimes hundreds of PR submissions every week. The first thing to realize when you’re sending your press release to a blogger is that you’re only one of many people who are trying to get a “shout out”. Unless you’re personally connected to the blogger at hand, it will take a little elbow grease to get seen.

Week in Review: November 15th, 2010 – November 19th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

New Media Trends: Apple Does It Again

What really amazed me about this whole announcement was how much buzz Apple created in 24 hours. It seemed every newspaper, blog, tweet and status update I read on Monday mentioned it. I mean they really got the word out. How’d they do it?

First, the cryptic message on their homepage Monday sent news and media outlets in a tizzy about what Apple might announce – Will they integrate with social media sites? Maybe an iTunes software redesign? Did they finally get The Beatles catalogue? There were many speculations. Then it went viral, all over Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday morning the official press release went out and the world was informed that The Beatles could be found on iTunes. Once again, news and media outlets wrote about it and social media spread it around.

This is not really a new media trend, this is Internet marketing at it’s best.