10 Multiplatform Publishing Lessons for Profitability in 2015

Ten profit-making multiplatform publishing posts launching you into the new year

multiplatform publishing

Over the past year, the Mequoda team has made many new discoveries regarding search optimization, audience development and subscription websites.  But more than ever, we have spent time working with publishers on their multiplatform publishing strategy.

Any publisher worth their salt knows that content starts its life on one platform and should be expanded for new platforms. A webinar can become a blog post, and a blog post becomes a handbook. A handbook can become a session at a conference, and a conference becomes an online video training series. Increase profits with less work by making your content work harder.

In order to help you on that journey, we’ve compiled the multiplatform publishing articles that have been read most on our site in 2014. If you want something more step-by-step, download our Multiplatform Publishing Strategy handbook – it’s free!

1. 10 Best Free Event Listing Websites

In-person, live events are a preferred platform in a multiplatform publishing company. When passionate users are committed to a topic, they want to go to the source; the author, the guru, the expert who really knows the content. They want an interactive presentation. They want to be able to ask questions, see facial expressions and body language. They want to connect with the expert about what they know.

If you are producing events as part of your multiplatform publishing strategy, here are ten B2B and B2C event listing websites you can use to promote those events. Keep reading…

2. The Best Webmaster Job Description

At Mequoda we have three system managers who manage more than a dozen websites, and with that, more than a dozen webmasters. Just like any other role, the webmaster job description continues to grow with its environment and is always adapting to many roles for an organization. If you are running a multiplatform publishing portal, then hiring the right webmaster is crucial to your success.

3. How to Run a Roundtable Discussion

Throughout my years in publishing, I’ve taken part in countless roundtables. During some, I was the facilitator and other times I was a participant. Although there are many ways to direct them, my ideal approach to running roundtables focuses on the fundamental needs of the attendees. If you’re a multiplatform publisher who produces events as part of your product strategy, you may have facilitated some yourself.

4. Advertorial Definition & Examples That Will Inspire You

Call it what you want, an advertorial, a native ad, sponsored content, or even an infomercial if you’re in broadcasting circles. An advertorial (aka all those other things) is a an ad that walks, acts and talks like an editorial. The content is typically provided by the sponsor themselves, although some creative publishers have begun to build native advertising departments that create the copy for the sponsor. Keep reading for some great examples.

5. Selling Research Reports and White Papers: The Best White Paper Format

The white paper format – sometimes also known as a special report, handbook or guidebook – offers the opportunity for publishers to go in depth into a particular topic that’s of more interest to their audience than a two-page article would be in your core magazine or newsletter. The white paper format allows readers to download it instantly, and, importantly for some publishers, privately.


6. How IMDb Uses CPA Advertising To Make Money Online

Ad-driven websites generate value from users and sponsors. Consumer-focused websites ask users to pay—not with money, but with time and information. They spend time viewing web pages, emails and RSS feeds, thus creating advertising inventory that can be used to sell the publisher’s products (internal advertising) and/or sold to third party sponsors (external advertising) on a CPM, CPC or CPA basis. We see at least five unique ways a publisher makes money through online advertising, although they’re sometimes mixed and matched.

7. 9 Guidelines for Content Aggregators

Do you still think content aggregators don’t serve a relevant purpose? Think again. Any publisher running a portal knows being a portal and aggregating content go hand in hand.

8. The Pros and Cons of Audio Conferences & Webinars

As you may know, getting face time with your subscribers, advertisers and potential customers is becoming more and more difficult. For multiplatform publishers, The high cost of transportation has made live events even harder to afford for many loyal attendees. Still, you’re creating content and it must be delivered, by plane, train, or audio conference.

9. The Benefits of Online Advertising

The benefits of online advertising, from floaters to advertorials or native advertising, are numerous. On your own website or any other, you can build traffic readily, especially when you’re doing it in conjunction with organic audience development efforts.

10. Why Digital Publishing Will Save the Future of the Publishing Industry

Historically, new technology always empowers entrepreneurs to launch new types of products. Mag+ or Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, for example. Combine it with hundreds of millions of tablets, and a handful of highly competitive digital newsstands, and you have the recipe for a digital magazine and book explosion. Ironically, many legacy publishers will miss the revolution.

If you have any favorites, please share them with us in the comments!


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