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Tag: multiplatform

Why the Future is Bright for Bloggers

Online publishing success begins with being an enthusiastic expert on your topic

117 Mequoda Best Practices

Ten free whitepapers for turning your print publishing company into a successful online publishing company

How to Take an Organized Approach to Looking at your Online Business Market

Three paths to an online market audit of your online publishing niche
What should you do when you realize you don’t have the resources to go “multiplatform” in all your markets?

Why Are Smart Publishers Selling Off Some of Their Books, Newsletters and Magazines?

Do you have the online publishing resources to go “multiplatform” in all your markets?
There’s a realignment happening in the publishing world. Even the largest publishers, with the deepest pockets, realize they must focus, consolidate and specialize.

Online Team Management – Four Ways to Organize

Organizing an online business team isn’t an exact science. In fact, when it comes down to laying out a generic standard for online team management, we’ve found it simply isn’t possible. There are many successful publishers running their businesses in different ways. What we have discovered after interviewing and analyzing the industry are four specific types of organizational strategies used by publishers today.

AMC Coverage 2008: Independent Magazines Talk Digital

Magazines talk about how they’ve leveraged their online community to build more successful products

Four Best Shopping Cart Upsell Strategies

How are you recommending related products on your shopping cart that both offer a helpful service and increase revenue at the same time?

Integrating Print & Online Media Teams

Building Online Media Teams that Both Represent Your Print Brand and Generate Revenue for Your Online Brand

Mequoda Summit “Integrating Print & Online Media Teams” Session Review:

While most publishers continue to load more responsibilities onto their existing print staff and require them to learn new skills, those in the know are hiring dedicated writers, marketers and technical staff to run their online business units. These same publishers know how to integrate their print and online teams to leverage editorial assets, cross promote print,

Making Money Online

Seven Strategies that Successful Publishers are Using to Turn their Traditional Publishing Brands into Internet-Centric Media Companies

Seven Online Publishing Secrets – Updated for July 2008!

Download ourcomplimentary report today and learn how to compete with today’s toppublishers by using the most profitable seven online publishing secrets.

SEO Copywriting Secrets

Download our new SEO report (for free) and learn the five creative copywriting tips for attracting, engaging and monetizing customers

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? If a copywriter creates a great landing page and no one finds or reads it, does it have any impact?

While the answer to the first question may be debated forever, the answer to the second is a clear and resounding “no.” For the words we write to have any impact, they must be read. And to be read widely, they must be found by search engines.

How America’s Test Kitchen Makes Money Online

Some people prefer books, some the web, some magazines. By multiplatform publishing, ATK delivers users the content they want, how they want it.

Interweave Announces Acquisition of American Artist, Drawing, Watercolor, and Workshop Magazines from Nielsen Business Media

Interweave’s acquisition of the oldest, continuously published magazine for painters and three related publications expands its footprint into arts media, entering the drawing and painting markets for the first time

MPA-IMAG Conference Coverage: Successful Multi-Media Publishing Strategies

Do you have an Internet Hub? How are you using it to expand your brand?

Mequoda’s Don Nicholas presented a rapid-fire version of our Making Money Online workshop and moderated a panel focused on one of the seven strategies: multiplatform editorial management.

Don was joined on the panel by David McKee of DRG, Phil Penny of Belvoir Media Group and Bryan Welch of Ogden Publications. The panelists talked about their multiplatform strategies, where their content originates from and how they view the Web as central to their strategy.

Creating sales letter landing pages that do double and triple duty

The same high quality copywriting and design elements can be used for online, email and postal mail sales pitches.

Multiplatform publishing in the 21st century means offering users many products on many platforms, and using the Internet to recycle, reuse and republish information in many different formats.

This involves taking the same information and turning it into any format a user could possibly want—from e-books to streaming video to email newsletters. Publishers not only save on material costs, but the same information is being cheaply repackaged and sold in a multitude of formats to maximize customer satisfaction and revenue.

Prepare for Publishing in 2008

t’s September 2007 and 2008 online publishing budgets are being prepared far and wide.How will you budget online expenses and revenues for 2008? To give you a hand, download the most recent version of the free Mequoda Online Publishing Model and use it to help predict the future of your online publishing business.

Risks of Borrowed Content

Want to use other people’s content? Are you ready to risk your brand for it?

Many of my clients are creating a book series that supports and monetizes their brand’s knowledge base and information architecture. Some are experienced book publishers and some are experienced periodical publishers. While both skills are required to be a successful Mequoda Internet Marketing System operator, most of my clients do not possess both sets of skills.

21 Ways to Reach an Audience

We’ve discovered a new platform that publishers can use to deliver and monetize content

For those of you that missed it, there was a fantastic New York Times article on Monday about Playboy and Rolling Stone offering decades of their archives on DVD.

In fact, yours truly is quoted in the article discussing how the ease and affordability of storing content on DVDs could cause a popularity surge for these types of digital archives.

Getting Bigger Profit Margins

Rework your old content into new products in new platforms

Yesterday we discussed how creating products in many platforms can boost your profit.

If you develop a systemized approach to multiplatform publishing, you’ll cut production costs and increase your customer base—widening your profit margin.

What we did not mention yesterday is that this strategy can also greatly improve your customers’ satisfaction with your brand.

Award Winning Email Newsletter Interview

Find out how this email newsletter is raking in revenue and awards

We are happy to announce that the 19th Annual Awards for Publishing Excellence awarded HR Daily Advisor the grand award in its newsletter category.

HR Daily Advisor is a human resources management newsletter running on a Mequoda System. It and seven other newsletters came out on top of the 540 entries in APEX’s newsletter category.

Real Simple Mequoda Media Brand Study

Little was simple about the launch of Real Simple back in 2000, but after about a year and a half of tweaking, Real Simple hit its stride. Within the first few years, the magazine became profitable, and that gave the publisher an opportunity to see what else the brand could do for its readers.

One of the first places they expanded in was in books, which go deeper into a subject area. They now boast a syndicated newspaper column, a relationship with XM radio, a TV program on PBS, physical products like home office accessories and live events.

Martha Stewart Mequoda Media Brand Study

Beyond being a mere household name, Martha Stewart has become synonymous with home decorating, cooking and gardening—bringing beauty to all things domestic. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc (MSLO), is an integrated media company distributing the “art of everyday living” to us in many different channels.

All these channels circle and promote each other, as Martha talks about her paint color used in the kitchen on her show, advertisers buy across the media outlets, content can be re-purposed in books and DVDs, and so on.

Fine Woodworking Mequoda Media Brand Case Study

Taunton’s Fine Woodworking launched in 1975 as a black-and-white quarterly, followed by books on woodworking.

A few years ago, they started publishing special newsstand editions, which they now do seven times a year. Most are created from repurposed content from the magazine.

They have been producing video for 20 years and with the advent of DVDs, finally turned a profit on their video content. They also have a membership website at

They are now putting more emphasis on the advertising component and plan to use the same multiplatform model (or a variation of it) for their other brands

A few years ago, they started publishing special newsstand editions, which they now do seven times a year. Most are created from repurposed content from the magazine.

They have been producing video for 20 years and with the advent of DVDs, finally turned a profit on their video content. They also have a membership website at

New Rules for Delivery

Treat the Internet as a unique medium with multiple platforms

Content delivery has constantly evolved over the centuries—and it is not going to stop now.

There was word of mouth and tall tales, then public forums, written word, moveable type, printing presses—all the way up to television and the Internet.

What has remained constant is that every new medium requires a new set of skills and strategies to be developed.

Interweave Seeks a Director of E-Media

Online Publishing Jobs
Interweave Press, a fast growing multiplatform media company, needs an executive with extensive online direct marketing and project management experience and skills. The Company is currently building two Mequoda Hubs and expects to build more. Our new online ventures will leverage 14 leading consumer magazines, 200+ books, nine consumer events and two PBS television programs.

New Products, Old Content, Huge Profit

If you are sitting on top of a mountain of content, grab a shovel and follow this company’s lead.

Last week’s article on multiplatform publishing featured Premier Clinic, Premier Guitar’s multiplatform online education tool. Premier Clinic uses audio, text tiles, PDFs, video and musical charts to teach guitarists the finer points of their art for free.

Speaking with the company that powers Premier Clinic, TrueFire, has revealed an even greater example of multiplatform publishing that any publisher with a large archive can learn from.

Creating Affordable, Professional Video

Create a professional quality video that offers your customers value without damaging your bottom line.

The Internet is not a book, a magazine, a television program or a radio show. It is a diverse portal that offers all of these media and countless others. Although this can seem overwhelming, it gives publishers an edge: they can offer users any information they want, in any format they want, at an astoundingly low cost.

Aspire Media’s Interweave Press Acquires Two Magazines and a TV Show

Interweave Press starts 2007 with the acquisition of two leading craft magazines and a highly rated PBS TV show

Interweave Press announced last Thursday the acquisition of Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors Magazines from Quilting Arts LLC. This move expands Interweave’s presence in craft media and enters them into the quilting and paper crafts markets for the first time.

America’s Test Kitchen Mequoda Case Study

How America’s Test Kitchen’s Revenues have Grown from About $15 million to an Estimated $46 million in Just Five Years… Shouldn’t you be Using the Same Strategy for Selling your Information Products on the Internet? Doesn’t your Job Depend on it?

Chris Kimball, CEO of Boston Common Press, is master of what we now call multiplatform publishing. Chris has gone from a publishing a single cooking magazine, Cook’s Illustrated to a growing media empire that spans books, another print magazine, books, membership websites, a TV Show on PBS, email newsletters and DVDs.