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Mequoda System online publishing is now a worldwide phenomenon

Nearly 40 percent of Mequoda Daily subscribers live outside the U.S.

Join me in Munich on April 22nd!

Online publishers now have an opportunity to monetize an international audience.

Digital products that can be downloaded from your website are only the beginning. If you conduct live events, you should also consider the potential of your overseas customers.

If you’re not thinking globally, consider this:

Mequoda System online publishing is now a worldwide phenomenon, as demonstrated by the large, enthusiastic group of publishing professionals who attended our three-day workshop in Singapore last month.

In the last year, we’ve also conducted Mequoda System seminars and workshops in Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland.

We’re now seeing a huge boost in website visits from around the globe.

Nearly 40 percent of Mequoda Daily subscribers are international, representing Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, Barbados, Bahamas, Guyana, Grenada, Jamaica, the United Kingdom and such diverse places as Israel, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates — all countries where English is the official or unofficial language. Plus, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Rumania and other European countries.

All Mequoda products and services are available internationally.

Our lead online product, Mequoda Pro, is available to a diverse, international audience at any hour, in any time zone. All the Mequoda Pro Online Seminars and the Mequoda Pro Download Library are available to all Mequoda Pro members — worldwide — 24/7/365.

The new 12 Mequoda System strategies for making money online to be presented in Munich

Later this month, you can discover more about the Mequoda System and meet me in Munich, Germany on Wednesday, April 22nd when you register for my Making Money Online pre-conference workshop.

Plus, in September, Kim and I will be conducting a five-day digital publishing certificate program in conjunction with FIPP in London.

Here’s the agenda of the brand new, completely updated Mequoda System program that I will present in Germany later this month. (We taught these updated strategies for the first time at the Mequoda Summit in Napa, California on April 1 & 2.)

1. Online Market Analysis — Discover how to do market analysis research to help choose or change your website business model, plus learn how to identify which competitors represent potential marketing or content-sharing partnerships.

2. Search Engine Optimization — Discover how to know, with certainty, the keywords by which web surfers find your website. Learn how to use the Google Keyword Tool to do keyword research, and how to use the Google search engine to quantify competition.

3. Website Conversion Architecture — Discover the eleven essential landing page templates required to design your publishing website, plus learn how to design a system that converts visitors into email subscribers.

4. Landing Page Optimization — Discover how to increase your landing page conversion rates by conducting multivariate testing using the Google Website Optimizer.

5. Online Content Management — Determine the best practice for transforming previously published content — print newsletters, books, magazines etc. — into robust online content to maximize website depth and incoming traffic.

6. PR & Link Building — Discover how to use free reports and search engine optimized rapid conversion landing pages to increase inbound links and build online friendships.

7. Email Newsletter Marketing — Discover the details of how to best create email newsletters that can be delivered to eager recipients who are predisposed to buy your products.

8. Digital Product Development — You can maximize your email revenue per subscriber with a bigger and better assortment of product offerings. Discover how to generate more income with digital products, including webinars, downloadable PDFs and membership websites.

9. Social Media Marketing — Learn which social networks work best for different niches, and how to manage your online reputation by becoming part of the conversation.

10. Structuring Online Jobs — Discover how to conduct a multi-platform organization review that leads you through an in-depth analysis of the markets you operate in, and the number of unique job descriptions that exist within your organization.

11. Key Metric Analysis — Discover precisely how effective website publishers track operating statistics using the Mequoda Key Metric Dashboard that alerts them to problems and opportunities in their online business.

12. Business Plan Development — Every viable publishing business, whether contemplated or existing, needs a business plan suitable for senior managers, equity partners and venture capitalists. Learn how to create a publishing model, using the formal Mequoda publishing business plan creation technique, including key statistics and a five-year financial forecast for your market.

For additional information about the Munich conference (Specialized Information Publishing: Profiting with New Media, New Markets and New Business Practices) and to register for my Making Money Online pre-conference workshop, visit the sponsor’s website. Or contact SIPA.

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