Get Ready for the Mequoda Summit in Boston!

When the Mequoda Summit returns to Boston October 7-9, 2009, it will surely be a sellout. Don’t miss this opportunity to reserve your seat at the guaranteed lowest price.

In this two-and-a-half-day intensive workshop you can discover the secrets of online publishing that have propelled thousands of marketers, publishers and entrepreneurs to make millions online.

The 2009 Mequoda Summit Napa Valley just ended to the tumultuous praise of 46 lucky publishing professionals.

If you were fortunate enough to be there, I’m sure you will agree that it was a very special event.

If you missed it, you have another opportunity to experience the excitement when the Mequoda Summit returns to Boston, October 7-9, 2009.

What’s so exciting about the Mequoda Summit?

It’s the discovery that online publishing and marketing doesn’t have to be a mysterious quagmire of hit-or-miss procedures or unproven strategies.

The models and methods that both traditional and new media publishers can use to sell their products on the Internet are no longer a mystery.

A lot of expensive lessons have been learned by the pioneering publishers who’ve unlocked the secrets to making Internet marketing profitable for selling information products online.

But… now can you improve your own online marketing results and revenues based on their triumphs and mistakes — without duplicating their costly experiments and errors.

That’s where I can help you… if you will let me. And in return, I promise you will discover dozens of new ways to multiply your online subscription revenues and one-shot product sales… and build your email subscriber list… as never before.

2½ days. 12 proven strategies. 12 best practice solutions. 12 priceless software tools.

The publishing professionals who attended the Mequoda Summit in Napa, California earlier this month left with notebooks full of proven strategies and practical solutions.

Plus the software tools — the actual Excel spreadsheets — to research, build out, and track the performance of their Mequoda System websites and email newsletters.

The Mequoda Summit Boston promises even more practical, specific, detailed, and realistic strategies and tools for increasing online sales of your information products.

This is no blue-sky, theoretical course. We use actual case studies to demonstrate the skills you will learn. The references to real-life publications and websites enable you to relate program concepts to your unique publishing challenges and put them to work immediately.

Here’s the tentative agenda for Mequoda Summit Boston:

1. Online Market Analysis — Discover how to do market analysis research, then choose or change your website business model, plus which competitors represent potential marketing or content-sharing partnerships.

2. SEO Keyword Research — Discover how to know, with certainty, the keywords by which web surfers find your website. Learn how to use the Google Keyword Tool to do keyword research, and how to use the Google search engine to quantify competition.

3. Online System Design — Discover which of the nine website archetypes are required to design your online publishing business, then narrow your focus on the business model that is right for your publishing enterprise.

4. Landing Page Optimization — Discover how to increase your landing page conversion rates by conducting multivariate testing using the Google Website Optimizer.

5. Online Content Management— Determine the best practice for transforming previously published content — print newsletters, books, magazines etc. — into robust online content to maximize website depth and incoming traffic.

6. PR & Link Building — Discover how to use free reports and search engine optimized rapid conversion landing pages to increase inbound links and build online friendships.

7. Email Newsletter Marketing — Email is a publishing and marketing is a significant source of revenue for many publishers. Discover how to create an email newsletter publishing and testing plan that will increase revenue per email sent.

8. Digital Product Development — You can maximize your email revenue per subscriber with a bigger and better assortment of product offerings. Discover how to generate more income with digital products, including webinars, downloadable PDFs and membership websites.

9. Social Media Marketing — Learn which social networks work best for different niches, and how to manage your online reputation by becoming part of the conversation.

10. Structuring Online Jobs — Discover how to conduct a multi-platform organization review that leads you through an in-depth analysis of the markets you operate in, and the number of unique job descriptions that exist within your organization.

11. Key Metric Analysis — Discover precisely how effective website publishers track operating statistics using the Mequoda Key Metric Dashboard that alerts them to problems and opportunities in their online business.

12. Business Plan Development — Every viable publishing business, whether contemplated or existing, needs a business plan suitable for senior managers, equity partners and venture capitalists. Learn how to create a publishing model, using the formal Mequoda publishing business plan creation technique, including key statistics and a five-year financial forecast for your market.

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