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What is a Paywall?

Digital magazines are relying less on advertising by implementing paywalls that influence more subscriptions   Remember the days when digital editions of magazines were only available by paid subscriptions? You'd arrive at  

5 Signs of Bad Website Design & How to Fix

Websites are not magazines (most of the time). However, magazine content can be the basis of a successful periodical website that follows the basic rules of periodical website design and  

12 Features of Great Magazine Subscription Websites

TIME almost hits the mark with their magazine subscription website, but niche publishers hit the bullseye One of the most profitable subscription websites is a magazine subscription website. It's not because it's  

Three Ways to Block Ad Blockers

Hide in plain sight and make your advertising messaging look like regular content to block ad blockers Ad-blocking software has been around almost as long as people have had personal computers  

What Is a Subscription Website?

Subscription website business models have evolved exponentially in just a few years Once upon a time, there were a few different versions of subscription websites that Mequoda defined. We wrote about  

Website Masthead, Nameplate or Header?

No matter what you call your website masthead, the top of your website is a strategic website design challenge A funny thing happened on the way to today's post. While doing  

8 Elements of a Proper Website Traffic Report

Do you know what to monitor in your website traffic report? We're constantly reading and writing about how to drive website traffic, but how often do we discuss the website traffic  

The 8 Characteristics of a Subscription Website

Each subscription website business model we write about has a distinct combination of characteristics When Mequoda writes about subscription website business models, we always include a chart that outlines eight different  
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