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Archive by Month

January, 2018

17: How to Write Better SEO Meta Descriptions in 2018

17: Content Publishers & The Efficacy of Article Formatting With Social Media

17: Subject Line Spam Trigger Words

16: The Future of Magazines is Bright And Here's Why

15: How to Increase Subscription Sales from a Single Product

15: Multiplatform Publishers Increasing Unique Views, Frequency in 2018

15: How Do Online Magazines Generate Revenue?

12: When Web Magazines Go Wrong

11: How Free Newsletters or Advisory Services Are Using Haven CXMS

10: Mequoda’s Top 10 Subscription Website Publishing Posts of 2017

10: Subscription Website Installations & Website Redesigns as New Years Resolutions

10: Create Better Vanity URLs: 8 Dos and 8 Don'ts

9: How to Get a $35,000 Strategic Business Plan for Just $10,000

8: 10 Most-Read Digital Magazine Publishing Posts of 2017

8: Digital Publishers Expand with Acquisitions of Assets, Technology

8: How to Start an Online Magazine from Scratch

5: How Publishers Use ACEM to Guide Growth in their Organizations

4: How Premium Magazines Thrive With The Haven CXMS

3: 10 Most-Read Audience Development Posts of 2017

3: Major Publishers Go Head First Into Video for Audience Development

3: What is SMO? Develop Your Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps

2: Strategy Spotlight with Don: 10 Things to Consider Before Your Next Magazine Website Redesign

1: 10 Most-Read Multiplatform Publishing Posts of 2017

1: Digital Publishers Acquiring Companies & Launching New Sites

1: The Benefits of Online Advertising in a Nutshell

December, 2017

22: Encourage Sampling to Improve Subscriptions

21: 6 Good Reasons to Offer a Web Magazine Library

20: 10 Ways to Improve Magazine Content Marketing

20: Audience Development Evolves with Industry Standards, Engagement

18: The 3 Keys to Success for Multiplatform Publishers

18: Multiplatform Publishing Companies Promote and Focus on the Important Details

18: Using the MBTI to Build Better Multiplatform Publishing Teams: Working Within Personality Types

15: Give it Away to Make More Money? You Don't Say!

14: Strategy Spotlight with Don: How and When to Clean Your Email List

13: More Subscription Website Growth Leads to More Model Offerings

13: 25 Email Design Best Practices for Publishers for Mobile and Desktop

13: The Mysterious UTM Code Explained

12: Strategy Spotlight with Don: The Case for Daily Emails

11: 8 Ways to Sell Digital Magazine Subscriptions

11: Digital Publishers Continuing Acquisitions as Lending Grows

11: 10 Digital Publishing Tips and Strategies for Multiplatform Magazine Publishers

8: The ROI for Digital Magazine Development is Worth it

7: Strategy Spotlight with Don: 3 Big Decisions Every Multiplatform Publisher Makes

6: 5 Email Newsletter Best Practices You Can Fix Today

6: The Latest Audience Development Strategies Consider Chatbots, Video

6: 13 Examples of Professional Email Subject Lines

5: Strategy Spotlight with Don: Treat Your Content MVPs like Gold

4: 8 Fundamental Internet Revenue Models Publishers Use to Generate Online Advertising Dollars

4: Multiplatform Publisher Meredith Buys Time Inc.

4: 9 Guidelines for Content Aggregators Who Recycle the News

1: What Does ACEM Mean, and How Are Other Publishers Following It?

November, 2017

30: Do You Have These Four Goals in Mind?

29: Digital Subscribers are a Focus for Changing Publishers

29: 5 Ways Top Subscription Websites Optimize for Search

28: The 3 Best Subscription Website Systems That Make Money Online

28: How to Simplify Your Web Management Duties

27: 5 Ways Web Magazines are Better than Print Magazines

27: Media Companies Make Acquisitions for Greater Audience Expansion

27: 10 Facts About Digital Magazine Publishing and One Very Important Piece of Advice

22: Content Marketing for Magazines: What Readers Want vs Google

22: Content Publishers Partnering With Social Channels for Greater Reach

22: Mequoda 3C Zone Architecture Increases Email Capture Rates by 21X

21: 4 Ways to Benefit from an Engagement with Mequoda

20: What is Magazine Media?

20: Multiplatform Publishing Organizations Reel In New Talent

20: Why You Should Fire Your Digital Publishing Services

17: The 4 Words That Make or Break a Publishing Business

16: Managing Open Source Software for Fun and Profit

15: New Super Club Bundles Magazine Clubs, Video Clubs and Recipe Club to Create Blockbuster Product Launch

15: Subscription Website Publishers Start New Membership Initiatives

15: 5 Subscription Management Software Requirements

13: Web Magazine Worst Practices: Are Your Digital Strategies Dooming Your Magazine?

13: Some Digital Publishers Growing as Others Experience Decline

13: 5 Best Practices in Digital Magazine App Publishing

10: What Exactly IS the Mequoda Method, Anyway?

9: Scaling Marketing for a Growing Product Line

8: 5 Ways to Test Floaters and Improve Email Capture Rates

8: Audience Development & Millennials: Paying for News is Becoming More Popular

8: The Reason Why a Rapid Conversion Landing Page Exists

6: How to Build a Multiplatform Website for Multiplatform Content

6: Multiplatform Publishing Options Expand Through Partnerships, Products and Services

6: How to Run a Roundtable Discussion

3: The Best Subscription Websites Already Know This One Thing

2: 3 Ways You Might Already Be Ahead in Publishing

1: The Only 3 Link-Building Strategies You Actually Need to Raise Domain Authority

1: Subscription Websites Testing New Grounds with Targeted Membership, Social Options

October, 2017

31: How Free and Controlled-Circulation Magazines Are Using Haven CXMS

30: 5 Ways Your Web Magazine Design is Failing Your Readers

30: Digital Publishers Partner for Greater Audience Access

30: Decoy Pricing: The Biggest Little Secret in the Publishing World

27: Email, Web or Social - Which Should You Focus on Most?

26: Strategy Spotlight with Don: Build a "Smart Website" Smarter Than Your TV

25: How to Measure Domain Authority and Improve it without PageRank

25: Video Grows as an Audience Development Tool for Publishers on Twitter and Snapchat

25: Audience Development: Definition & Purpose

24: How Premium Newsletters and Advisory Services Are Using Haven CXMS

23: Using Content Recycling to Increase your Audience, Revenue and Profits

23: Multiplatform Publisher Hearst Makes Big Moves with Content

23: How IMDb Uses CPA Advertising To Make Money Online

19: The Ease of Content Marketing for Publishers