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Archive by Month

April, 2014

22: The Rise of Magazine Memberships

22: Web Ad Revenue Outpaces Broadcast

22: Magazine Values Increase Over Time

22: Who’s Winning the Tablet Magazine Wars?

21: Hearst Takes 'Hacker Mentality' to R&D

21: Ad Innovations Usher in Era of Collaboration

21: Best New Magazines According to Library Journal

21: Remonsy's Mequoda System and Dream Team

18: Freebie Friday: Download Multiplatform Publishing Strategy ($97 Value)

17: Examining the Forbes Digital Makeover

17: Video Challenges for Publishers

17: Hearst Advertising Deal Is a First for the Company

17: The Perfect Example of a Premium Content Subscription

16: Latest Moves: Magazine Publishing Teams Shift

16: OnEarth Magazine Going All Digital

16: Condé Nast Embraces Native Ad Model

16: Increase Email Open Rates by 125% – Produce Phenomenal Content

15: No Comment? Sites Work Toward More Positive Comment Sections

15: Will It Soon Be Illegal to Photoshop Ads?

15: Rising Stars Ads Get Sky-High Ratings

15: 7 Ways to Sell Digital Magazine Subscriptions

14: Publishing Innovations Highlight WMMA Report

14: Danny Seo Enters Niche Magazine Market

14: New Yorker Website Hitting Stride

14: The Mequoda Method for Dummies

11: Freebie Friday: Organic Audience Development Strategy Handbook

10: Bill Wackermann Turns to Hotels for Customer Service Training

10: Rebecca Miskin Shares Hearst Innovation Stories

10: Hearst Cuts Country Living Ad Staff

10: How Forbes and Other Publisher Platforms Incentivize User Generated Content

10: 4 Things the Best Membership Websites Have in Common

9: Food Network, HGTV Mag to Sync Content

9: Condé Nast, Hearst Undergo Beautification

9: Identity Issues Small Price to Pay for NBC Esquire Network

9: The Other Algorithm: How Facebook Determines Your Visibility

8: Atlantic Monthly Sees Fantastic First Quarter

8: Condé Nast Editorial Capitalizes on Viral Content With Accelerator

8: Comment Sections: The Next Frontier for Native Ads

8: The Perfect Digital Magazine Template

7: Time Magazine Expands, Reorganizes Staff

7: Mollie Makes to Debut Print & Digital Magazine in the U.S.

7: Mary Murcko is Self's New Managing Editor

7: The Art of Content Recycling in Multiplatform Publishing

4: Freebie Friday: Discover The 9 Most Profitable Subscription Website Business Models

3: Delta's Sky Magazine Gets a Redesign

3: Magzter Launches Ad-Based Business Model

3: The iPad Tablet Platform Turns 4

3: 8 Subscription Website Homepage Ideas for Audience Engagement

2: Upworthy to Offer Tasteful Native Advertising

2: The Digital-to-Print Craze Is In Effect

2: Condé Nast Entertainment Lauches Allure YouTube Channel

2: Increase Website Conversion Rates 4500% with Mequoda 3C Architecture

1: Washington Post Switches to Native Publishing Framework

1: Can Magazine Memberships Pull In More Revenue?

1: Audiobook Sales Hit $1.6 Billion

1: "Not Your Father’s City Magazine” Recognized for its Innovation

March, 2014

31: Bloomberg Businessweek Design Headed to All Platforms

31: 7 Million Flipboard Magazines Have Been Created

31: There's a New NYT Magazine Editor, Jake Silverstein

31: The ABCs of Publishing: Why Legacy Publishers Have the Advantage

28: Freebie Friday: Download Our Brand New Digital Magazine Publishing Handbook

27: Robert Parker Launches '100 Points' Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

27: Partners With WhoSay for the Perfect Publishing Partnership

27: Instagram and Twitter Battle for Smartphone Audience

27: It's Never Been a Better Time to Be a Niche Publisher

26: Is Amazon Giving Away Money? No, the Five Largest Book Publishers Are Settling a Lawsuit

26: Washington Times Launches New Digital Magazine 'American CurrentSee'

26: Are Publisher Content Exchanges the New Black?

26: How The Top Five Magazines on Twitter Got So Popular [+ Video]

25: If You're Collecting Subscriber Data - Use It!

25: Quartz Reveals the "Secret" to the Social Web

25: The State of Digital Publishing: Digital Natives Still Struggling

25: Newsweek Pricing Makes a Splash, But Not in a Good Way

24: The Magazine Pricing Hike Continues (And the Outlook is Good!)

24: Slate Plus is a Membership, Not a Paywall

24: USA Today's Larry Kramer Defends Print, Offers Lessons for Digital

24: Why Digital Publishing Will Save the Future of the Publishing Industry

20: Sauerberg Talks Subscription Pricing and Tech at Conde Nast

20: Bloomberg CEO Confesses Multiplatform Publishing Strategy

20: Direct Website Traffic Stays Longer

20: The New Design: Same As the Old

19: Mental Floss Cashes in on Pi Day with True Multiplatform Publishing

19: Is Apple Newsstand Getting Sloppy with Digital Magazines & Newspapers?

19: #ForbesLife: Steve Forbes is Staying with Forbes

19: Should You Care About Klout? The Many Twitter Personalities of Content Publishers

18: Publishers Use Maps as Viral Content

18: Statistics on Mobile App Users

17: Author Rank is Real & May Go Public Soon

17: Popular Mechanics Gets a New Publisher

17: Dwell Unites Editorial Style on Page & in Retail

17: 10 Best Free Event Listing Websites

13: Better Homes & Gardens Use Photo Contests on Instagram to Drive Engagment

13: ALM Launches Contributor Network on

13: How Portals Maximize User Satisfaction

13: Twitter Advertisers Beta Test Click-To-Call Button

12: Domino Signs 36 Advertisers for April Issue

12: Knight Kiplinger Talks About the Future of Kiplinger Magazine

12: From 15 to 80,000 Likes in One Year: Why Facebook Loves Biblical Archaeology Review

12: New Editorial Direction for Muscle Magazine

11: Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight Blog Replaced by "The Upshot"